BLOG: Your Resilience!

So there’s this tree on the side of my house. It’s got to be the tallest palm tree that ever existed! Or at least the tallest palm tree in the state of Florida. It’s definitely the tallest palm tree I’ve ever seen! It’s really, really tall.

Hurricanes have come and gone. Devastating winds and rain storms have hit it numerous times. And yet, there it still stands, tall as ever – swaying and bending in the wind. It never cracks. It never breaks. It never falls. It just keeps swaying tall…..

Know this, as I know it to be true – you have the ability to create and craft a life you LOVE! A life filled with passion, purpose, and fulfillment. You have the ability, and the choice, to honor and listen to your dreams, and actually realize them. You have the ability, and the choice, and the capacity to become the best YOU that you were meant to be.

We all do.

Here’s the thing though. There’s no magic pill. There’s no 10 step formula. There’s no proven strategy, or secret, or one-size-fits-all-template. And, it ain’t easy! In fact, it’s probably one of the hardest things to do (which is why so many few seem to really attain it).

BUT, and here is the beautiful and positive and magical and inspiring silver lining – you do have your Resilience!

And I’m not talking about resilience in the sense of pushing your breaking point limit farther. I’m not talking about resilience in the sense of developing a brittle toughness that surpasses others. That too has a breaking point at some point, even if you’ve out-broken others longer and faster.

The Resilience I’m talking about – that is yours – is about continuing to sway tall and growing ever-taller through the hurricanes and rain storms, through the tough times and challenges.

True Resilience – the one that is yours – is limitless, pliable, adaptable, and flexible strength, grit, persistence, and perseverance that only grows stronger with and through those challenges.

Tap into your Resilience. Cultivate it, develop it, and master it! Because when you do, you will have unleashed your greatest super power! Your power to continue to sway tall, no matter what. Your power to actually realize your dreams, create the life you love, and become your best you – through all the hurricanes and rain storms too. Your power to continue to grow, become, achieve, and be ever-stronger, ever-better, endlessly and limitlessly.

Master your Resilience, and go out there and make your dreams a reality! Go out there and continue to create, to learn, to grow, and to share all that you love, all that you do, and all that you are! Go out there and Seize Your Passion!

Here is my Palm Tree  – the tallest Palm Tree I’ve ever seen!




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