Your place for your passions, your stories, your community!

We believe in doing what you love. So, we’re passionate about making Seyopa YOUR place to connect with what YOU love. We also believe in the power of stories and community as tools that connect us to each other and to ourselves.

From the beginning of time, our stories and our community around us help us identify who we are, who we want to become, and what our place in the world is. In whatever format or medium–from the ancient art form of oral storytelling to the printed word, to pictures, movies, and every-day-real-life personal experiences–our stories can literally change the way we think and how we act. They imbue us with values and determination, with emotions and thoughts. They connect us, teach us, and motivate us to grow.

Here, in YOUR place, we envision communities of like-minded people inspiring and empowering each other to connect with what you love through stories and community.

That’s why we think of Seyopa as YOUR Place for YOUR Passions, YOUR Stories, and YOUR Community.

And part of our vision is getting YOUR help as we build YOUR place.  We want YOU to help us shape and mold YOUR place with your stories, your content, your experiences, your questions, your fears, your thrills, your challenges, your lessons, and most of all with your authenticity about whatever it is you’re passionate about.

Please leave a comment, question, or thought, and remember to seize your passion!




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