Your BEST Moments!

And how to make them count, and last!

You know those moments in life when you have this huge epiphany, or realization, or understanding of something in a new way – and it just FUELS YOU with energy and passion and excitement and determination?!

Aren’t those the best?!

You just get it! And you’re totally inspired and empowered, and filled with certainty and belief!!!


But then, what happens? More often than not, that fuel and those amazing feelings gra-du-ally fade out….

You still have the cognitive “aha moment” understanding; your head still remembers and knows it as truth, but your body and your spirit (your heart, your emotions, your soul, and your energy) don’t feel it in the same visceral way anymore.

And then because of that, you look around you and what you see is- that nothing’s really changed.

Your intellectual knowledge of that powerful and profound insight, that invisible and intangible thought, doesn’t seem to carry much weight or hold much significance in the real, physical, practical world around you. It doesn’t seem to make much, if any, of a difference. 

Which, in turn, depletes the idea and enlightenment itself (and you) even more of its very power. Until eventually, it becomes completely disregarded, minimized, or even forgotten.

Essentially, it gets filed in your brain under the –
“I know this already, and I have nothing new to learn from it or use it for” file;
or the –
“This is one of those BS, cheesy, corny, trite cliches that makes no difference in the real world or in my life” file.

And that perception, that realization, really, really sucks!!!! It saddens me, it angers me, and it actually fuels me in the same, but different, kind of way. To change it!

So how do you change that? 

How do you instead, empower the power of perspective shifts, of epiphanies, and of insights to empower you long-term, so they don’t fade out and do have lasting, tangible impact on your life?!

It’s by taking those realizations and those epiphanies, which are in essence perspective shifts, and turning them into behavioral shifts!

Because there’s a discipline and a practice to passion too!

It’s the taking action piece of seizing your passion! But it’s taking the right kind of inspired action that comes from having the perspective shift first.

You need the mindset first.

(And even before the mindset, you need to understand your Self and know your Truth first, first-:-). Remember the Seize Your Passion cyclical framework of Self-Mindset-Action-Overcome-Success? If not, or if you want to reacquaint with it, go here).

And then you need the action piece – you need to do something that comes from and out of that mindset!

BUT, not just do that something once, or as a one-off. You need to do it regularly and consistently, until it becomes a part of your behavior, and a part of you. 

That is when and how the intellectual knowledge, the cerebral perspective shift of understanding it in your head also turns into knowing it, feeling it, and experiencing it in your body and spirit!

And the regularity of that experience, the consistency, and the repetition of it is what makes it a habit, and eventually even an effortless and almost automatic one!!!   

And that is where and when and how YOU turn your perspective shifts into behavioral shifts that actually EMPOWER and IMPACT and TRANSFORM your life!!!!  

I challenge you to start doing that now, consistently and regularly, with this simple, but profound truth we all know and understand in our heads  –

Do More of What You Love, and Be More of Who You Love!!!

I challenge you to take that perspective shift, that mindset, that cerebral understanding and turn it into a behavioral shift in your life!

I challenge you to Seize Your Passion!!!

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