BLOG: You Can Drive Through It!

“You can drive through it. I know it. I know it in my heart.”  

That’s what Robert Duvall’s character, Harry, shouts to Tom Cruise’s character, Cole Trickle, during a momentous scene in the movie, Days of Thunder. At that moment, Cole is driven by fear and near the back of the race on the Daytona 500 track as he approaches a huge smoke cloud caused by a collision, with spinning and burning stock cars flying everywhere.

“You can drive through it. I know it. I know it in my heart,” Harry tells him. Cole eases off the gas, but then in typical talk-to-me-Goose-Top-Gun fashion, he leverages his courage and bravery from a higher source – his higher self – and does just that. He drives right through the smoke cloud and emerges victoriously and safely on the other side.

There are countless quotes that define bravery and courage as NOT being the absence of fear, BUT RATHER as conquering fear, overcoming it, dancing with it, taking action despite it, driving through it, and deciding that something else is more important than the fear you feel, the doubts, and the insecurities. In other words, true bravery and true courage is feeling fear and driving through it. 

When you truly commit to realizing your dreams, to becoming your best self, and to seizing your passion, you are committing to driving through everything that will inevitably come with it.

  • When you take bold action or swim against the current, not everyone will like you. Drive through that!
  • When you pursue a dream, you will suffer some pain – hard work, rejection, failure, loss. Feel that pain. Love it, leverage it, and drive right through it! 
  • When you stay true to yourself, there will be doubters and haters and naysayers and all kinds of “experts” that will tell you it’s impossible. Drive through them!

You can drive through it! Know that. Know it in your heart, your soul, your gut, and in every fiber of your being!



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