There’s this inner dialogue between two of you. It goes on inside you all the time. Most of the time, you’re not even aware it’s happening….

There’s two yous. One of you is your conscious-thinking-rational-mind you. Let’s call him Tom. The other you is your deepest-soul-feeling-heart-centered-intuitive you. She’s Kathryn.

They’re both real. They’re both true. And they’re both you.

You need Tom as much as you need Kathryn and you need Kathryn as much as you need Tom. They’re both essential to you surviving. More importantly, they’re both absolutely vital to you thriving – to reaching your highest and greatest potential and realizing all of your dreams.

But, Kathryn and Tom are in a constant state of discourse, and often disagreement.

Tom tends to dominate the conversation. He’s way louder than Kathryn, and he voices his opinion way more frequently. He’s amazing at coming up with and analyzing data, facts, strategies, and sound arguments that back up his experience, expertise, knowledge, and opinions.

Kathryn on the other hand is much more of the strong but quiet type. Often, her presence alone is enough to make you feel loved, valued, worthy, and remind you just how capable and amazing you really are. She is intensely creative, fearless, adventurous, and fun-loving. And she always finds another way. She is a woman of few words, but deeply profound insight, wisdom, and truth.

Which is why when Kathryn does speak, you must pay attention! You must not and can not let that moment pass. You must listen, you must shut Tom up in that moment, and you must act on her all-knowingness in that very moment, in whatever small way you can.

Watch this video and see why.

As always, do more of what you love and be more of who you love! #SeizeYourPassion!

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below :-).

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