BLOG: When Shift Happens!

There are these magical moments in life when you discover or become aware of a particular truth, realization, or an epiphany that just totally transforms your perception and consequently your reality. They are life changing moments that can literally change your life, seemingly like pure magic. I had one of those moments recently.

My epiphany was all about when shift happens (which almost always is a result of when shit happens, but that’s a whole other topic) and how that applies to being able to literally shape your reality into one where you realize your dreams and become your best you!

If you’re thinking that sounds like BS or too good to be true or just plain hyperbole, I get it. Truth be told, if I was sitting on the other end of this, I might very likely be thinking the same exact thing. But, I’m asking you to keep an open mind and just hear me out on this.

There’s this expression in Hebrew that translates into:  “The token dropped.”

The expression is used to convey a moment of realization, when you finally really get something. That moment when something registers for you, and you truly understand it either for the first time or in a new and different way, that you just didn’t before.

There’s a shift that happens. In your soul. In your heart. In your head. In your perspective, understanding, and what you see as truth.

The expression comes from the public pay phones that used to be on every street corner in Israel, just like there used to be in the States and in every major metropolis in the world before the advent of cell phones. Only there, instead of putting a quarter in, as we did here in the States, they had these special phone tokens you’d use instead. When the token dropped, you’d here this clicking sound and that’s when you knew your call had registered.

Well, I had a very big, life-transforming, token-dropping moment this week!

See, I believe that there’s this Duality in everything – it exists everywhere in the physical world around us, it exists everywhere in the metaphysical, spiritual, abstract, and mental constructs of life, and it exists everywhere within each one of us as human beings.

Maybe that’s why I’ve always personally been drawn to, and I always try to seek out the balance and harmony in everything. And maybe that’s the Libra in me and its correlative symbol of the Scales expressing itself.

Regardless, my token dropping moment is very much about that Duality. And about how to better understand that Duality within ourselves in order to create and shape the life and reality we want, realize our dreams, and become our best selves.

Here’s the deal with the Duality in each one of us. We all have strengths and weaknesses. We all have certain talents and skills just as we all have certain challenges and lacks. We all have beauty, love, and compassion within us, and we all have ugliness, hate, and fear in us. We all have certain left-side brain attributes and certain right-side brain ones.

And, we also all have our conscious, rational minds as well as our subconscious, intuitive emotions. (I recognize that this is an over-simplified analysis of various psychological and behavioral theories, but it serves its purpose here).

In the world of Personal Development, there’s a ton of mixed messaging, chaos, and basically what I see as a lack of harmony and balance when it comes to this notion of Duality as it applies to our conscious selves versus our subconscious selves.

On the one hand, we’re told that we should follow our hearts, develop our intuition, pay attention to and listen to our emotions and feelings. For that is our true, spiritual, and higher self.

On the other hand, we’re told that we should use our ability to rationalize, analyze, and seek out logical facts and empirical truths. We should not simply react to or operate out of our emotions and feelings, most obviously when those emotions and feelings are survival ones like fear, judgment, and anger. That is what distinguishes us from all other animals and that is in fact our higher self.

So which one is it?

Well, it’s both. They are both true and valid and important. And they both co-exist. That is the very essence of the notion of Duality.

But, and here’s the key to the kingdom of realizing your dreams and becoming your best self – you must master the two in order to pioneer the third.

In other words, you must recognize and embrace this concept of Duality within you. You must be aware of it. And then you must understand both sides of it to such a token-dropping-level of mastery so that they both co-exist in harmony and balance rather than in conflict and opposition. So that they are both equally valid, vital, and true.

And when you reach that level of mastering both in that way, you will open up (I swear, seemingly like real actual magic!) that third reality, path, perspective, or truth that will enable you to not only pioneer but to literally shape, create, build, develop, and realize your dreams and your truest, highest, and best self!!!

As always, do more of what you love and be more of who you love!


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