What’s Your Story?

The March 31, 2016 live Periscope chat with Bobby Umar was awesome! While it was only five minutes long, Bobby managed to pack in so much valuable knowledge! I can’t wait to share what I learned with all of you.

The topic of the scope was “How To Use Your Story & Experiences.” You might be asking yourself, “What do you mean? How to use your stories and experiences for what? Of course the answer is: How to use your stories and experiences to SEIZE YOUR PASSION!

Our stories reflect our beliefs and our values. By sharing our stories we are naturally connecting with others and that helps to create a growing network. Telling our stories and experiences also helps to build our personal brand.

Bobby offered three great tips on how to use your story and experiences to leverage seizing passion. Here’s his advice:

  1. Your story is your story. No one else has the same story. Take ownership of your experiences and use it to your advantage. You have the power and the ability to share your stories and connect with people both locally and globally. As an example, Periscope is a wonderful way to get connected with like-minded individuals. Using such a channel is a fun and easy way to reach tons of new people all over the world.
  2. Sure it’s important to share your own stories and passion projects with a variety of people but it’s equally important to share the stories and passions of others. Great things can happen when you engage with different people and take an interest in what they like. By asking questions you never know how those answers can impact your own story!
  3. When you build a community you are bound to increase the number of experiences you can add to your life story. As such there will always be new stories to share. A community is an ideal place to do just that! For instance, the creation of Seyopa is the perfect platform for sharing an array of passions.
  4. When you share your stories and experiences with others to seize your passion you naturally become a huge connector with like-minded people. Bonds are created through sharing and opening up with others. Now that’s a great story!!!!!


Written By: Rachel Silver Cohen of Silver Unpolished

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