VIDEO: Seize Your Passion!

Life is short, and your time here is sacred. So LIVE!! your life, to the fullest – with meaning, purpose, passion, and fulfillment! You can realize your dreams and become your best self! That’s why you’re here. Do more of what you love, and be more of who you love. Seize Your Passion!

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Pamela Henderson
5 years ago

Totally agree Michelle 🙂 I allowed a negative experience hold me back while I re-grouped to continue my journey, not understanding that I was not alone even though I had felt that way. My vision is huge and I finally came to the understanding that God allowed me to heal so I can continue my journey and surround myself with like minded people who are fascinating and who will empower me along the way lol. It has taken me sometime for my bamboo tree to grow most importantly it has been a pleasure now to see it come to light… Read more »

5 years ago

In agreement!!! I’m not going back to that Village!! Toxicity, depression, loneliness, condemnation of a relationship where I felt that I was not good enough!!! Eventhough I am having to start over again with nothing.. I have peace and am gaining my joyful heart & spirit back.. money can’t buy love peace or joy♥️ Thank you for your positive affirmation!!

Mary Ann
5 years ago

Bravo. Rach Your not only an inspiration, your a driving force. Mary Ann