Video: 10 People That Turned Hardships Into Blessings | By Jay Shetty

Ten inspiring stories about how our biggest failures, rejections, and lowest points can truly be our biggest blessings.

These ten people were asked about their biggest failures, rejections, and lowest points. What they have to say is nothing short of moving, inspiring, and a great reminder for us all that we will get through our toughest times, even when our toughest times seem to go on forever, and we will be better and stronger for it. If we so choose.

Source: YouTube

Author: Jay Shetty

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Thank you so much for this video from Jay Shetty. I am taking acting classes, in hopes of fulfilling my dreams of becoming an actress. I see everyone else getting auditions for projects, while I am just waiting for someone to give me a chance. This video showed me that if I remain positive and continue to work hard, my dreams will come true. Much love.


Every time I had a dream a man would come along and convince me he had a better idea. That was always my challenge, Love cost me my dreams.

I moved to Nepal and now I’ve started a video channel and nonprofit agency. The agency hasn’t done as much as I’d hoped, but I love doing videos to help tourists come to Nepal. This is my dream and passion now. It’s hard to be consistent enough, but I think of it as my hobby and I love it.

It’s true that we can learn so much from life’s downs.