BLOG: Turn Up Your Power!

Turn up your power! 

Turn up your power and embrace your humility. Yes, humility.

Look, humility is not about gaining power over others or feeling above them; of course not. BUT, it’s also NOT about being down on yourself or not recognizing the power, magic and greatness in you!

I posit this to you: true humility is knowing exactly what your talents, capabilities, and strengths are, recognizing and appreciating them as the tremendous gifts that they are – your gifts that you were given, developing them, and leveraging them to give and share with the world and the people in your world.

True humility is celebrating your wins! Whatever they are, however small and however big. Acknowledging them and being thankful for them.

True humility is not being afraid to ask meaningful questions. It’s understanding the importance of questions and deep reflection as opposed to just dishing out or seeking “absolute” answers, short cuts, quick fixes and formulas.

True humility is always being open and hungry to learn more and get better. It’s understanding that you have to accept influence in order to be a great influencer. It’s taking criticism with grace. It’s teaching others and learning from others. It’s inspiring others and being inspired by others.

True humility is shining your light on others and allowing their light to shine right back on you! 

Celebrate your wins!
Recognize your strengths!
Embrace your humility!
Believe in your capabilities!
Uncover your talents!
Appreciate your gifts!
Cultivate your skills!
Maximize your potential!
Release your magic to the world!

Seize Your Passion! 


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Kimberly Jones
Kimberly Jones
6 years ago

This was absolutely inspiring to me. Thank you so much for what you are doing to influence people to a great level in our lives. We are all capable and having someone like you to remind some if us if that and it to help some realize that they can do whatever they set their mind to do that is positive can be dine. Again thank you…
Your awesome……