Truth AND Dare!

On our journey of life and personal growth, we have to constantly and continuously dare to be bold. We have to dare to be self-aware. We have to dare to recognize how and where we want to improve, elevate, and strengthen ourselves. We have to dare to seek help, guidance, and support from others, dare to learn from others, and dare to listen to others. And, we have to be bold and dare to implement all of those recognitions into actions every single day.

The thing is, the biggest and most radical growth and evolution that happens within us is often unnoticed as it’s happening. That’s because it happens ever so gradually, every day, little by little, until one day we wake up and we look back at where we were six months ago or a year ago or however long ago, and who we were then, and we say – “Wow! Look at how much I’ve grown. Look at how different I am today. Look at how far I’ve come.”

There’s a great danger in that, though. The danger of loosing your truth. Because if you are constantly focused on all that daring and you don’t even notice it as it’s happening, then you also risk not noticing that you may be loosing yourself and your truth in the process too. When you dare to achieve personal growth, achieve your goals, and fulfill all of your dreams, you must dare to look within yourself and change certain things. You must be willing to adapt to circumstances. You must be willing to let others show you the way sometimes. You must be willing to change direction, and not always be right.

The trick is to continue to dare to adapt and improve and evolve and change and grow, as long as it’s not at the sake of sacrificing your truth too. Your vision, what you believe in, how you do things, and who you are at your core – all the truths that make you uniquely you- you must never ever let go of that. I do not want to wake up on that same one day and say – “Wow! Look at how much I’ve grown and evolved and changed, but what happened to my truth? What happened to my vision? What happened to my story? I don’t even know what or who that really is anymore.”

That’s what I realized this week on my journey to seize my passion – that I have to continue to dare, but also hold onto my truth. It’s got to be truth AND dare. In order for me to truly achieve my goals, fulfill my dreams, and become my best self, I have to remember that. I will continue to be bold and dare to evolve, grow, improve, listen to and learn from others, and take actions every day to implement that. But, I will also make sure to do that without loosing or sacrificing or letting go of my truth – my vision, my story, and everything that makes me, me.



Rachel Ellner Lebensohn, Proud Creator & Founder of Seyopa

P.S. I write these blog posts based on my weekly live stream videos. You can watch all our live stream videos on topics like this and more here.

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