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Bobby Umar’s live Periscope chat on March 24, 2016 was awesome! The topic was about Thought Leadership and how to use it as a means to seize your passion.

Bobby asked the audience what the definition of Thought Leadership means to them. One member on the chat chimed with, “Living the way you believe.”

Bobby shared his views on what Thought Leadership meant to him and how it effectively helps to seize your passion. “Thought Leadership is a big part of knowledge of economy and it’s critical to be a thought leader in whatever it is you do!” 

Bobby broke down the chat into two parts. Firstly, he discussed three ways to define Thought Leadership. The second part discussed how to use Thought Leadership to seize your passion. I will break down his tips below:

Bobby’s 3 Ways To Define Thought Leadership:
1. Network: Being a thought leader means you have a knack for networking and you know how to build deep, authentic      relationships with others. These relationships connect people together.

  1. Create & Generate Ideas: Thought leaders are constantly creating more and more content to share with others. Having “KICK ASS” ideas and spreading these ideas with others around the world certainly gives you credibility to call yourself a thought leader!
  2. Thought leaders should always be working on building his/her writing and speaking skills. Fine tuning these strengths and using them to seize passions is what defines a true thought leader.

Bobby gave some examples of individuals he considered to be Thought Leaders in their own realm. Some of which generically included scientists and politicians; while more specific examples included Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates and Arianna Huffington.

Once Bobby helped to clarify the definition of a Thought Leader, he then touched on the 5 ways to use thought leadership to seize passion.

  1. Take your passion and be great at it! Become an expert. Know what you love and hone the skills to be the best you can.
  2. Become an influencer. Thought Leaders are figures of authority and figures of authority can build trust and build a tribe when they make an impact on other people.
  3. Network to the best of your abilities. By networking bigger and better a Thought Leader can take his/her brand and/or passion to the next level.
  4. Become a better communicator. The better a Thought Leader is at communication, the better their passion of what they are trying to communicate to others will resonate.
  5. Use thought leadership to force yourself to stay motivated! Thought Leaders are ones who are always creating, innovating and evolving!


Written By: Rachel Silver Cohen of Silver Unpolished

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