BLOG: The Value of Experiences

Information is cheap. Experiences are valuable. We learn, grow, change, and improve BETTER from experiences. That is a neurological, human behavioral fact. If you want real transformation and real results in realizing your dreams, becoming your best self, and creating a life you love, then you better start embracing that fact, and some experiences.

We live in a world where information is ubiquitous, potentially limitless, and has been democratized and demonetized to a zero valuation. And that’s amazing because it means we have free, easy access to that limitless supply of information. But it’s also dangerous because it means we are spending more of our time consuming information at the expense of actually experiencing it.

Access to and consumption of information alone will not yield progress. True progress and change will only come from applying that information and using it in your own experiences. The way I see it, such experiences are born out of three primary sources:

  1. Engaging
  2. Connecting
  3. Creating

So start experiencing. Start engaging in, connecting with, or creating something that you love, something that matters to you, something that expresses who you are. That is how you will grow, and improve, and transform, and realize your best self and all of your dreams! 

When you express what you’re intended to express, you experience healing. When you manifest your best self and your most authentic self, you experience fulfillment. When you create and share your voice and your Passion, you experience inspiration, hope, and growth – and you allow others to experience it too.

Go out there and start experiencing!

Go out there and Seize Your Passion!



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