BLOG: The Power of Unplugging!

When was the last time you unplugged? I mean really unplugged, like set aside your to-do lists, your work, your emails, your calls, your social media, your learning, your training, your teaching, your everything that sits in the category of making good use of your time, being productive, and getting shit done.

And, when was the last time you didn’t feel guilty about it? Or berate yourself with thoughts like, I really shouldn’t be “wasting” my time this way?

I know I don’t do this often enough, and I’m guessing you don’t either. That’s because today’s culture idolizes, glorifies and exalts productivity, busyness, and information consumption overload. To the point where we’ve become programmed to think and believe that unplugging is bad, or that we’ll miss out on something (I mean, the fact that the expression FOMO even exists is a direct by-product of this way of thinking), or that we’ll somehow fall behind in this imaginary race that we’ve made our life to be.

Simply put, the notion of unplugging has come to feel counter-intuitive to how we “should” go about realizing our dreams, achieving our goals, attaining success, becoming our best, and everything Seize Your Passion! is about. 

The irony, though, lies in the fact that because of this mentality and counter-intuitiveness, we disregard, undervalue, or just forget the ENORMOUS VALUE-ADD truly unplugging actually has for the very productivity, creativity, originality, growth, progress, and achievement we are striving for in our constant state of doing, consuming, and going.

We forget that as much as our brain, our body, and our soul need to be fed with various inputs – stimuli, ideas, knowledge, fuel, and inspiration – they need just as much space and time for repose – to process, incubate, fuse and synthesize in order to create our greatest outputs.

We forget that allowing ourself, and even demanding of ourself, to unplug sometimes will actually help increase our productivity, our creativity, our originality, our growth, our progress, our achievements, not to mention our happiness and fulfillment.

Don’t forget to do more of what you love, be more of who you love, and to



Rachel Ellner Lebensohn, Proud Creator & Founder of Seyopa

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Dennis J. Pitocco
6 years ago

What a refreshing perspective here, Rachel. I authored an Article recently on this topic and along the way came upon a topical quote; Quote: “Whenever we look around the world, we see smart leaders – in politics, in business, in media – making terrible decisions. What they’re lacking is not IQ, but wisdom. Which is no surprise; it has never been harder to tap into our inner wisdom, because in order to do so, we have to disconnect from all our omnipresent devices – our gadgets, our screens, our social media – and reconnect with ourselves.” ― Arianna Huffington We’ve… Read more »

Jane Seelbach
Jane Seelbach
6 years ago

Very good advice to so many of us. When you go away on vacation and are traveling through beautiful countryside on a train and you look over at your family hoping with all hope that they are enjoying the beauty of nature only to see all of them with their heads burried in an electronic devise, it breaks my heart to think this is what we have become. When do we finally begin to realize that there is so much more to life then the 24/7 craziness of social media and begin to see life as a gift? thank you… Read more »