The End Game

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There’s a concept that I love of having a North Star, or maybe a few North Stars, in your life. (I especially love the way Jordan Peterson, a brilliant mind, talks about it). 

I see it as analogous to Simon Sinek’s Start With Why concept, Peter Diamnades’ Massively Transformative Purpose (MTP) concept, and more simply – just remembering to play the End Game in life.

Having and defining a North Star, a big Why, an MTP, or an End Game for yourself is basically knowing, remembering, and aligning yourself with:

1) What your foundational values and beliefs are that ultimately drive and guide you in everything you do; and

2) What your ultimate ideal vision and dream is for what you want in the bigger context of life and in the smaller everyday contexts and goals that help you get there. 

But, like so many simple yet profound concepts, remembering to play the end game in this way is often a lot harder than it sounds. 

Because on the one hand, it’s vital we have that North Star – that ultimate vision, dream, purpose, and destination to strive for.  Otherwise, we’re just aimlessly and purposelessly floating about, wandering through this life with no real meaning and heading only towards an existential crisis – and who the F wants that?!     

On the other hand, it’s also vital that we remember to make life about enjoying the journey itself while we strive to reach that destination; that we live in the moment, be present, grateful, and celebrate all that we have now and today. Because life is precious and short, and because otherwise, what’s the freakin’ point of it all if we’re not going to enjoy any of it?! And who the F wants that either?!  

In essence, it’s both vital that we have that North Star and that once we do have it, that we forget about it, in the moment at least, whilst still remembering it somewhere deep down so that it can continue to ultimately guide us.  

It’s a paradox. It’s both. 

So how do we honor, balance, and reconcile both of these truths? It depends. 

There will be times when we’ll need to remind ourselves not to lose sight of our North Star, of our end game, and to think in long-term results rather than short-term ones. And sometimes, we may even need to re-evaluate our North Star and possibly shift or change it. 

But there will also be times when we’ll need to remind ourselves not to get blinded, overwhelmed, overly focused on, or stuck in playing that end game. Because we need to also remember to focus on the next best step right now, to take action today, to be present and enjoy today, and do whatever we can as best we can, today! However big or small that step may be. Because otherwise, we’ll never get anywhere.  

It’s hard because it’s really about, like so much in life is, learning to balance and reconcile two competing and paradoxical truths and pieces of wisdom to help get us what we want, where we want to go, achieve all that we want to achieve, live our best life, realize our dreams, and fulfill our greatest potential.

It’s both. It depends. And it’s constantly evolving, changing, and growing just as we are. And that’s ok. It’s more than ok, it’s good. It’s all good. 🙂             

As always, I hope this brought some insight, love, understanding, inspiration, positivity, or hope to your day. 🙂 Check out the tons of content available anytime on, here to inspire you to do more of what you LOVE and be more of who you LOVE! Seize Your Passion!

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