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VIDEO: So LIVE!!! | Kenny Leon | Goalcast

Discover Passion! “If you haven’t discovered what you love, I wish you would spend every waking minute searching for it.” Find as many moments of laughter as you can. And, “I wish you a double heaping dose of strength and courage.” Because “your belief in yourself must be so strong that it doubles everyone else’s collective disbelief.”

One of Broadway’s leading directors, Kenny Leon delivers a compelling series of lessons his hero once shared with him.

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Author: Goalcast


Video: Live Stream – Passion Clarity

Two techniques to get a pulse on, gain clarity, and live out of your Passion so you can truly #SeizeYourPassion, do more of what you love, be more of who you love, realize your dreams, and become your best self!

VIDEO: Seize Your Passion!

Life is short, and your time here is sacred. So LIVE!! your life, to the fullest – with meaning, purpose, passion, and fulfillment! You can realize your dreams and become your best self! That’s why you’re here. Do more of what you love, and be more of who you love. Seize Your Passion!

Article: Why self responsibility is the key to being the best you

The debate is still out on how people can find success in life. The problem, of course, remains that success looks different to everyone.

How can I tell you how to find success if my definition of success is different from yours?

Well, it turns out that no matter what you want your life to look like, there are a few key elements that have to fall into place in order to make that life a reality.

One of those key elements is self responsibility.

Which perspective do you adopt?

Some people believe that life happens to them, while others believe that life happens for them. The perspective you wish to adopt can drastically change your life – for the better.

If you are passively passing through your life thinking that life is happening to you, good or bad, regardless of what you do to change it, then you won’t ever get out of your own way to make good things happen.

Why would you? If something bigger or badder than you is in control, shouldn’t you be worrying about other things? It would seem so for some people.

On the other side of that coin, however, is another group of people who firmly believe that they have the power to influence their lives.

And many of those believers are people who used to think that life happened to them. Then, at some point, something happens to change their mind and they start focusing on taking responsibility for their actions, good or bad, and they start to see change in their lives.

There is a famous quote from Charles R. Swindoll that summarizes this perfectly:

Usually, people adopt the perspective that they can change their reality by changing their perspective after they realize they can lose those last 10 pounds, they can get that raise at work, and they can start their own business.

You’re more in control of the outcome than you think

Whenever we overcome major hurdles in life, we tend to want to give up our efforts to luck.

Sometimes, it feels more like dumb luck, but if you trace back your steps from idea to completion, you’ll find that you were probably more in control of the outcome than originally thought.

After all, did fate make you run 5km every morning before work? No, you did that. And if you can do that, what else can you do?

The idea that our lives are just passing us by is a commonly adopted practice and widely accepted human fate. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Everyday millions of people take steps in a different direction than they were previously headed and make real, lasting change in their lives.

Some people leave their spouse, quit their job, or book that vacation. Sometimes, it’s a small choice like choosing fruit over another bag of potato crisps.

The point is that nobody is making you eat that food, stay in that job, or be miserable. We are choosing those things.

It’s just easier to blame someone or something else than it is to take self responsibility. So when you find yourself in a slump, ask yourself what you did to get there. Because if you can will yourself into a slump, you can will yourself out of it.

Success is a matter of perspective

In work, success usually comes in the form of money, promotions, fancy job titles, and opportunity. But it can be about other things as well.

For many entrepreneurs, success is about finding that elusive balance they craved while working a 9-5. It’s about being able to earn money they never thought possible, or clocking out early on a Friday afternoon because they can.

To some people, paying their bills and having enough money for a case of beer on the weekend is their definition of success. To others, millions of dollars in the bank is what they consider success.

Whatever it is that you want in life, you can have it. If you want it bad enough and are willing to put the work in to get it. All too often people think that they will fall into money or that someone will notice them and give them a promotion.

But if you want those things, you need to show up and be seen first.

How to take self responsibility

Taking responsibility doesn’t mean doing way more work than you need to. It’s about accepting that you are the only one who can change your life for the better.

If you don’t like something about how you are living, it’s about taking the time to change it. No one can do that for you. Not your mom, your dad, your rich uncle, Frank: no one can change what isn’t working in your life, except you.

So now you have to ask yourself this question: are you ready to take responsibility for your life? Amazing things can happen if you do.

Source: Ideapod

Author: Lachlan Brown

Video: How to Find Your Purpose | Jay Shetty on Impact Theory

Jay Shetty sits down with Tom Bilyeu to discuss passion, purpose, and everything in between. He breaks down key steps in building your ideal life, bridging practical studies with spiritual insight, gaining self-awareness, and shares his answers to the 3 questions he gets asked the most [HINT: #1 has to do with Passion]. Eloquent, enlightened, inspiring, and wise beyond his years, Jay shares his story and his insights in such a powerful way!


  • “Fast forward where you are, look at yourself in 10, 15, 20 years time, and ask yourself the question: ‘Is that where I want to be?’…And if the answer’s no, then you need to find a new path.” [09:01]
  • “There’s this beautiful quote…by Cooley, and he said: ‘Today I’m not what I think I am, I’m not what you think I am, I am what I think you think I am.’ So we live in this perception of a perception of ourselves.” [13:03]
  • “Your passion is for you, your purpose is for others. Your passion makes you happy. But when you use your passion to make a difference in someone else’s life, that’s a service, that’s a purpose.” [22:54]
  • “Being able to reflect and observe the different voices inside of us is a great place to start your self-awareness because the biggest challenge is that most of us don’t know what we’re listening to. Most of us don’t even know that there is more than one voice inside of us.” [32:28]
  • “So how do I find my passion? My simple model, which is the Dharma model…it’s very similar to what Ikigai is being spoken about today, which is a Japanese version of reason for being, why do we live, where is meaning coming from, and it talks about an intersect of four areas: 1) What am I good at; 2) What do I love; 3) What does the world need; and 4) How do I get paid for it. To me, those four help you unlock your passion.”[42:39]

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Author: Tom Bilyeu

BLOG: The Stuff In Between The Lines

“Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.”
– John Lennon

We’re all so busy. Even now during the summer when a lot of us are taking some well overdue and deserved vacations, we’re still busy.

Busy with commitments, with responsibilities, with check lists, with all the stuff we’re supposed to do, or have to do, or need to do. I get it. I promise, I’m right there with you….

But, I had this thought the other day:

We draw all these metaphorical lines for ourselves in life, but really what ultimately matters the most is all the stuff in between the lines. 


But the stuff in between the lines wouldn’t be the stuff in between the lines if the lines weren’t there. It would just be stuff, orderless and meaningless.

So we need those lines to give the stuff that matters in between its very significance, meaning, and value.

The problem is – what often ends up happening is that we end up focusing all of our attention and energy and time on creating and building those lines, that we forget about all the stuff that really matters in between.

We forget the very reason we started building those lines in the first place.

It’s the same with our busy-ness. It’s the same with our dreams and goals. And it’s the same with our passions.

So, let’s not do that! Let’s continue to create and build all those necessary lines and frameworks and structures, yes. BUT, let’s also remember to pay attention, to nurture, to cultivate, and to contribute our time, energy and focus into the reason we build those lines in the first place – all the stuff in between.

As always, do more of what you love and be more of who you love!


Passionately Yours,


Video: Connect to Your Passion By Paying Attention to the Whisper | Adriana Girdler | TEDxHickory

“In this fun and personal talk, Adriana shares her story of moving from feeling stuck to finding her purpose by paying attention to the whisper. Our purpose ignites our passion and drives us to get to the next level in life…We’re here to learn and grow, and this talk on connecting with our passion is a great tool… How to tap into your deep-seated goals and dreams you aspire to in life.”

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Author: TedX Talks

Article: 7 Life Truths I Wish I Knew Sooner

We often talk about stepping into our true power, about building our confidence muscle and boosting our self-esteem. But although self-confidence and self-esteem seem similar—referring to how we feel about ourselves—they are two very different concepts.

Self-esteem refers to how we generally feel about ourselves: how much we like or love ourselves, and the overall image we have about who we are—positive or negative. It is shaped by our experiences and the environments we grow up in, by our family members, our school and our community. Self-confidence relates to how we feel about our abilities and how capable we see ourselves of doing certain things or handling different situations.

Most of us have been raised to focus on our weaknesses and perceived limitations, rather than our strengths. In some cases, we were taught to find ways to improve so that we could become “the best versions of ourselves.”

Take my home country, Romania, where, like in many other places, the schooling system was a fierce competition for the best grades and being first in class. I remember I was spending an average of 10 hours a day or more studying and doing homework; I hardly had time to play and relax. Teachers and parents always made comparisons between students and other kids, and individual talents were not truly encouraged.

I ended up struggling with serious self-esteem issues for many years. As a young woman, I didn’t see myself as beautiful enough, smart enough, good enough. I was constantly and desperately trying to be perfect.

And I was a master of giving—my care and my attention, my time and my energy. Putting my wants and needs first was uncomfortable and felt selfish. I was always striving to be the best friend I could be, the best daughter or the best employee. I wanted to please everyone so they would like me. I needed others to validate my worth.

We can only change the things we are aware of, the things we accept to be true.

We can only change the things we are aware of, the things we accept to be true. So it was only after I faced the truth and recognized my injured self-esteem that was I able to do some work and change it.

I made a list of things I liked about myself and promised myself to add one new thing every single day.

I looked back on my life and acknowledged all of my achievements, knowing they reflected hard work and effort. I made a list of personal skills and qualities I was proud of, giving myself credit for every small accomplishment in my daily life, instead of taking it for granted. It didn’t have to be big like saving someone from drowning. Being able to cook the best moussaka in the world was enough, and my list quickly grew.

I also wanted to discover and know myself, so I took various self-assessments, such as StrengthsFinder and MBTI. I found out that I am empathetic, intuitive, determined, ambitious, focused, hardworking and committed. I have a gift for working with people and being able to identify the strengths in others.

By doing all this, my self-confidence in my capability to do good things and leave a legacy in the world strengthened. I began to see myself in an entirely new light. And my self-esteem and the way I perceived myself improved, too.

Today I treat myself kindly. I have learned to love who I am with all my flaws and imperfections. I am aware of my strengths and talents, and, in the same way, I can see and appreciate the gifts in others.

Building a healthy self-esteem and gaining confidence in my ability to make meaningful choices has been an inside job and a very rewarding journey, and I’ve gained powerful insights along the way. Here is what I know to be true about life and myself.

1. Loving my whole self—mind, body and soul—is not selfish; it’s necessary for a healthy life.

To be able to love others, we need to keep our cup full.

2. Perfection is pure fiction.

I am grateful for all of my mistakes because they were real blessings in disguise that made me wiser. As John C. Maxwell says, “Sometimes we win, sometimes we learn. We never lose.” I stopped stressing myself out while trying to be perfect and I am always aiming for good enough.

3. I am not a victim.

My past has nothing to do with my future and my old limitations do not define who I am today. Blaming others for taking my time, money or love is unfair because I always choose how much I give and to whom. No one can hurt me or upset me without my consent. I am in charge of my actions and my future is the result of my current choices. The day I stopped blaming my past or other people, I set myself free.

4. Worrying about what others think is a waste of time.

I cannot please everyone, no matter how much I try. Whatever people think about me is their opinion, filtered through their lenses; it’s all about them and it has zero to do with me. I stopped trying to please others in the hopes that they would like me. I like myself as I am and I don’t need or expect other people to make me happy. My happiness is my responsibility and everything else is a bonus.

5. Saying no to things we don’t want to do is a learned practice of self-care. 

If it sounds like I should do, I don’t do it. I go for the things that feel like a want. My wants come from myself, instead of being imposed on me by others. I always choose how I am spending my precious time and with whom. My time means life and it’s never coming back.

6. Life doesn’t have to be a fight or an exhausting competition.

I stopped competing and comparing myself to others. Instead, I mind my own journey and I am happy for other people’s achievements. I choose to live in a state of love instead of fear and I believe in abundance. We live in a supportive universe, where there is enough of everything and for everyone.

7. Being authentic is a matter of choice.

I choose to stay true to who I am and what I believe to be right. It is my birthright to be happy and I have decided to live my own life with no apologies or regrets. I am whatever I choose to be, and my life is to be lived, not existed.

I have come to understand that in life, we don’t get what we want. We get what we think we deserve. That’s why believing in ourselves, seeing ourselves as enough and worthy of the best things life has to offer is necessary.


Author: Sara Fabian

Video: Don’t Let Your Dreams Die | Jay Shetty

“The tragedy of life is not death, but what we let die inside of us while we’re still alive.”

Source: YouTube

Author: Jay Shetty



I believe that’s as true for you as it is for me, because I believe it’s true for all of us!!!

And I believe it’s as true today as it will be tomorrow. And every day after that. And always!

Regardless of what you may be going through right now – good or bad. And no matter where you are right now – whether it be a dark place, an inspired bright place, or somewhere in between.

No matter what difficulties you may be facing, or even what joys and successes you may be enjoying. Still, and always, that truth is yours!


And I want you to know it, to believe it, and to remember it.

Because what I’ve learned is that when you allow yourself to fully embrace and commit to that truth, it will carry you and empower you and move you to live and act accordingly!

It will infuse you with passion, hope, strength, power (the good kind), love, joy, determination, gratitude, humility, light, and goodness!

It will push you to continuously move forward towards becoming your best self, living your best life, and totally embodying what Seize Your Passion really means to you!

It will unlock everything you have within you that is 100% capable of fully realizing your dreams, fulfilling your infinite potential, and living your best life to the fullest; with never-ending improvement and growth, always taking you to the next level of your individual and unique journey of fulfillment, happiness, and success!


And I know it’s easy to forget that truth, and even easier to just not believe it.

It’s easy when life sucks – when the possibility of things turning around or feeling anything even remotely inspiring, positive, or good seems utterly impossible and ludicrous.

And it’s easy when life is great – when the idea that things could get any better or that there’s anywhere else to go but down from that point seems completely arrogant or just like, “no one’s that lucky!” Or both.

But, when you do remember, and believe, and truly know in your heart of hearts that THE BEST IS YET TO COME, you will live and act accordingly!

So that when times are tough and when life does suck, that truth – with all its grace, hope, and beauty – will give you the very strength and resilience you need to get through those tough times. It will give you something to fight for, and it will give you the wisdom and insight to know how to learn and grow from those tough times in a way that will yield and lead to the only possible outcome of you actually manifesting that truth!

And when times are good, your belief in that truth will remind you to never become complacent, to never take anything or anyone for granted, to stay humble, to be grateful, and at the same time to continuously strive to achieve and become the next level of whatever that success, happiness, and fulfillment looks like for you.

But, if you don’t hold on to that belief and commit to it wholeheartedly, if you don’t remember that the best is yet to come, then you can be damn sure that the dark days will kill your dreams, your passion, and your hope; and that the good times will kill your hunger, your humility, your compassion, and your inner growth.

I believe, I know, and I refuse to forget that for all of us –


Believe, know, and refuse to forget with me!!!

As always, do more of what you love and be more of who you love!


P.S. This piece of truth is part of what having a “Growth Mindset” means. You can check out tons of inspiring, insightful, and empowering content on Mindsets to Seize Your Passion! here. Enjoy 🙂

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