Stop Dreaming. Start Doing! #Seize Your Passion!

When I was younger, I was extremely proud of the fact that I was a dreamer, an idealist, a romantic, and a perfectionist. All tremendous qualities that I still possess today and value highly. But, I remember one day in college having a devastating moment of clarity when I realized that nothing in life would ever be as good as the dream and vision that it was in my head in its ideal perfect state. The actual manifestation of that idea or of that dream would never ever be as good as the dream itself.

And it was devastating to me at the time because it paralyzed me. How could I take any action, and really what was the point of taking any action to make that dream a reality if no action would ever be good enough?!

What I did not realize at the time, however, and what took a few more years of life and learning and growing, and continuing to strive to achieve all my dreams and ideas and goals, is that the ONLY way to actually fulfill your dreams, accomplish your goals, implement your vision, and create your masterpiece is to just start doing it. Take action. As rough, and as ugly, and as small as that action may be.

Take action, do something to breathe life and existence into that dream. Once you start taking action, once you take that first step, however small, it is much easier to continue to take action. And, you will have then created something that needs to be perfected, needs improvement, and needs your care and more of your action.

Don’t let all the excuses you conjure up rule you. It will never be the right time, it will never be perfect, you will never have enough experience, skills, contacts, or whatever else you think you need first UNLESS you actually start doing it now.

Don’t let your passions, your goals, your dreams remain nothing but ideal ideas. Don’t let your idea die in your head, and remain nothing but a dream for the sake of its ideal perfection and beauty. Don’t let your perfectionism paralyze you from actually doing it and acting on it and continuing to perfect it.

Let your vision, your dreams and your ideals guide you – yes. Let them be what you continue to strive for in your actions; but don’t let them swallow up your actions and paralyze you towards nothing.

The only way to guarantee not fulfilling your dreams or achieving your goals is by not taking any action. The most important thing you can do is doing. Whatever it is you that you can do right now.

So stop dreaming, and start doing.

Rachel Ellner Lebensohn, Proud Creator & Founder of #SeizeYourPassion!

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