Spread The Passion

What are you passionate about?

Your kids. Movies. Art. Politics. Sports. Nutrition. Fitness. Entrepreneurship. Self Improvement. All of the above. None of the above. Not really sure or don’t quite know yet.

We are all passionate about one thing—or many things—whether we consciously recognize it or not. It could be our career, a hobby, something we believe in, or just something that makes us feel happy, alive, fulfilled, or competent, that energizes us, or that simply feels good and right.

Our passions don’t have to fit into a box that someone else created. Our passions don’t have to be our life’s purpose, though they often are. Our passions don’t even have to be labeled as our “passions.” It just doesn’t matter.

What does matter is to start bringing this conversation to the forefront. What does matter and what will make a difference in your life—as it has in mine—is that you start connecting with your passions, discover them, engage in them, talk about them, interact with other people who share them, learn more about them, and grow with them. Bring your passions into your everyday life, and seize your passion!

We’d love to hear from YOU! Share a quick video telling us what you’re passionate about and submit it to info@seyopa.com to help us #SpreadThePassion! And don’t forget to #SeizeYourPassion!
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