Share Your Love

Photo by Katherine Barcsay from Burst

To share or not to share…? That is the question, isn’t it?

The truth is we go through our days asking ourselves this question, over and over again…whether we realize it or not.  

Should I share my dreams, my hopes, and my desires? Or should I share my fears and my doubts? Should I share my anger, my hurt, and my pain? Or should I share my compassion, my forgiveness, and my greatest strengths?

Should I be vulnerable or should I be strong? Or are they really just one and the same?

Should I care what they think, should I pretend not to care, but wait – do I even really care? Should I share my goodness, my values, and my beliefs? Should I share my light or my darkness, or is it all just too much shame?

Should I share what matters to me? Should I share what matters to you? Should I share the stuff that doesn’t matter too?

Share it all! It won’t be easy, but that’s part of the game. That’s why we’re here, that’s why we’re human, and that’s why we’re meant to share it all…with love, for love, because of love, and by love. 

Share your love.
Share your fears.
Share your passion.
Share your tears. 

Share your hope,
Share your dreams.
Share your despair,
And, share your repair.

Share your wisdom.
Share your truth.
Share your mistakes,
And share your outtakes.

Share your awe,
Share your bliss,
Share your foolishness;
Oh just share a kiss!

Share your pain,
Share your sorrow,
Share your healing,
Share what you’re feeling.

Share your darkness,
Share your light,
Share your goodness,
And share your fright.  

Share your experiences,
Share your traumas.
Share all that is true,
And share all that is YOU!

It’s all good :-).            

As always. I hope this brought some insight, love, understanding, inspiration, positivity, hope, or just plain entertainment to your day. Thanks for reading this and being part of Seyopa 🙂

Now, more than ever: 
Do more of what you LOVE!
Be more of who you LOVE!
Seize Your Passion!

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Mary Ann
3 years ago

Rach: your amazing, Keep up! Your work is valuable and important! Love You, MA