Seyopa Featured in The Parklander May 2016 Edition

Have you ever asked yourself questions like what is my true authentic gift? and What is my passion purpose in life? At first contemplation it might seem simple to answer but for many these questions are difficult to break down. Vast numbers of individuals spend years pondering what it is they love. However, blurry vision and lack of clarity stand in the way of finding real answers. Moreover, there are an alarmingly high number of people who haven’t even asked the question.

The inability to identify what truly makes oneself tick can have a direct impact on quality of life. In order to live a life of fulfillment one must be willing to look inward and take inventory of one’s skills, interests and values. Identifying and gaining an understanding of these critical components will ultimately lead to seizing your passion.

Rachel Lebensohn is no stranger to recognizing her true authentic gift.

Founder and Creator of Seyopa™, the acronym that stands for the online media platform, Seize Your Passion™, Rachel believes in “following your heart, doing what you love and engaging with whatever you are passionate about. Passions give us value and that gives us purpose.”

After attending a Broadway production of Peter Pan at a very young age, Rachel, who currently resides in Delray Beach, Florida knew she wanted to become an actress. “It was a magical world of dreams where anything is possible if you only believe,” she recalled.

Since then, Lebensohn has never stopped believing.

Wanting to leverage the influence of technology in society for the better, she recently launched Seyopa™ as a way to bring purpose and meaning to social media. Seyopa’s™mission is to “inspire and empower a community of like-minded people to authentically connect with what they love most through personal storytelling and content,” she said.

When humans connect with other humans it gives us relevance. Engaging and interacting with like-minded people is a wonderful way to learn from others, discover new ideas and tap into what we love most. acts as an interactive online hub encouraging people to share their own personal stories with original content.

Toronto native Bobby Umar, President of Raellan-Transformational Training and Speaking, who was named one of Inc. Magazine’s Top 100 leadership speakers in North America, believes finding your passion purpose starts with aligning interests and skills. Merging what you love to do with the skills required to do it is the best way to add value to your life.

“My personal passions have arrived from a clear and targeted methodology to understanding myself, my values and finding clarity and purpose with my personal brand and why statement,” said the leadership guru, a four time Tedx world class speaker.

Umar is now a weekly contributor for Seyopa™. Hosting a live Periscope chat every Thursday at 11:45am ET, he discusses various ways to live purposefully through sharing knowledge and retelling his own personal stories. The interactive scope allows viewers to easily participate in the conversation. Umar welcomes audience members’ input. This opportunity to freely ask questions and offer ideas is what makes the chats so authentic.

Reconnecting with childhood passions, how to leverage failure and heart based leadership are just a few of Umar’s important messages.

The creation of Seyopa™ has helped empower people to join the conversation so they can network with others, feel alive and be among a fresh, new community of passion seizers.

Being able to clearly define your true passion purpose is the most authentic gift you can give yourself.

Written By Rachel Silver Cohen of SilverUnpolished. Read it here.

JUST TO LET YOU KNOW… This piece was originally submitted for publication in the The Parklander magazine.  The article in its entirety can be found in the May 2016 issue. 

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