Seize Your Passion! But, Find Your Balance

I am a Libra, so I’m constantly on a quest to find my balance. But, I think for all of us – Libra or not – balance is such a key aspect, that’s not talked about enough, to living a happy, purposeful and fulfilling life.

It’s no coincidence then that when it comes to seizing your passion, pursuing your dreams, and achieving your goals, here too balance is key.

Here are a few examples:

1. We are told that if we want to seize our passions and achieve our goals, we must make a plan; have a vision and put that vision into an executable plan. True? Absolutely!

But, it is also true that we must be flexible and adaptable and be ready to veer off our plan when and if needed. We must be open to new opportunities that we didn’t necessarily plan for and we must be ready, willing, and able to go around, under, over, and through the blitz attacks life and people invariably hurl at our plan.

2. We are told that in order to seize our passions and achieve our highest goals, we must be consistent and laser focused. We must form rituals and habits around it. We must eat, sleep and breathe it. We must do so every day consistently and exclusively. True? Yes.

But, it is also true that sometimes we need to change and shake things up; and break out of our habitual routines. Sometimes, in order to get our creative juices flowing and continue to be inspired with new ideas, breaking away from our consistency, and taking off our tunnel vision glasses to open our eyes to new stimuli is the only thing that works.

3. We are told to be disciplined and diligent. We are told that if we want something, we need to work our butts off for it. True? Um, yeah!

But it is also true that if we don’t take some down time once in a while; if we don’t engage in activities that simply bring us alive and are joyful and pleasurable unattached to any end goal, then we will likely get burnt out and our passion and drive to achieve whatever it is we want to achieve will burn out and die too.

4. Focus on your strengths, they say. Take your skills and talents and grow those to the next level. True? Yep.

But it’s just as true and important to step out of your comfort zone; to attempt to grow in areas you’re not so great at or do things that scare you to death because you’re not sure if you can do them at all.

5. Here’s a huge one: you must create value for others, serve others, and contribute to others. That will undoubtedly bring you purpose and fulfillment, and the success will inevitably follow. True? 100%!

But, unless you value yourself and contribute to yourself; unless you have self-care and self-love you will have nothing from which to serve those others and no value to create.

6. Another one: The very notion of “Seize Your Passion” and the belief that you should pursue your dreams is undeniably about listening to your gut, and following your heart. No doubt that is true.

But, NOT to the exclusion of your head. Not to the point of being impracticable, unreasonable or illogical. Truly following your heart and seizing your passion is about finding the right balance between your head, your heart, and your soul.

7. Finally, it is essential, both in life in general, and when we are seizing our passions, to lead with compassion. It is essential to be kind, and do good, and make a positive difference in whatever small or big way you can. This is true for everyone. But for me, as a woman, such values and truisms are especially poignant.

But, in order to actually achieve those principles and for the sake of that greater good, sometimes it is also essential to…well, put simply – be a bitch. Sometimes it is essential to make unpopular decisions. Sometimes it is essential to put your foot down, put someone in their place, and be tough.

So, dream big. No, dream HUGE! Believe in your dreams and go get them. That is exactly what Seize Your Passion is all about. But, make sure to find your balance in the seize.

Happy seizing.

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