Video: Remember Who You Are!

How to overcome the biggest obstacle to truly realizing your dreams and truly becoming your best self.

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5 years ago

Rachel I am in desperate need of motivation… we need some confidence and some strength… 40 years of total abuse in almost every way known to man… neglect, abandonment, injustice… we ve been brainwashed and manipulated to extremes by an ex whom is still attached and toxic to my world, controlling me still from behind prison walls… I have visitors from the other side. I am the most sensitive case of empathy I have ever heard of… I mean it’s no coincidence, there is now way!! I’ve been kidnapped and raped and thrown over the side of a bridge and… Read more »

Mary Ann
6 years ago

I know who you are! One badass chick.
Great work, showing people by example to bring out and remind the best of who they are is already inside.
Love u Rach keep up the great work

6 years ago

Becoming a better self requires a great discipline I believe we can only attain by facing the person in the mirror. The person we neglect to look at every day as we walk through the sidewalks, hallways, parks, etc. As we gaze at others and ponder. It is in that we become closer to learning not only who we are,but allow ourselves to understand what our fears really are..