Reconnecting with your childhood passions

In last week’s live Periscope on Seyopa with Bobby Umar, Bobby talked about bringing the concept of childhood play back into our daily lives, routines, and work as adults. Research shows that “play time” leads to more creativity, innovation and enthusiasm. By thinking about, remembering and reconnecting with what we loved to do most during our childhood—what brought us joy, what engaged us for hours on end, what were we really good at—we can relate those favorite childhood activities and how they made us feel to who we are today, what we love, and how we function as adults. By tapping into those memories, feelings, and insights we can become less inhibited, more creative and free. For example, here are Bobby’s five top memories and activities from his childhood, and how they relate to his adult life today in seizing his passion:

  1. Playing outside – whether it was riding his bike and getting lost, playing ball hockey, or freeze tag in the streets. That childhood passion relates back to his sense of adventure today and how he incorporates it into bringing passion and joy into what he does.
  2. Playing games – board games, card games, whatever. Bobby relates that to his love for strategy and strategic thinking as an adult in his business life.
  3. Watching movies, TV, and listening to music – as an adult, Bobby still loves and has a huge appreciation for culture.
  4. Despite his fear of heights, Bobby loved to climb trees as a kid. He is able to translate that childhood memory into how he overcomes challenges and various personal struggles today.
  5. Finally, Bobby remembers how he loved going camping with his family as a kid, and how that made him feel connected to nature and to the things that mattered to him most. Today, Bobby enjoys time for reflection and reconnecting with nature as a way to recharge his soul.

Indeed, we can all look at our childhood as a gateway to reconnect with our passion in our everyday lives. So, take the time to write down or think about the five things you remember loving to do most during your childhood, how that made you feel, and how you can apply that to your life today.


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Rachel Ellner Lebensohn

* Photo by Praveen Kumar

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