BLOG: Piercing the Complacency Veil

The data tells us that more than 80% of us feel unfulfilled, disengaged, stuck, lost, empty, or just downright miserable in our life and/or in our work – at least part of the time, if not most of the time or all of the time.

More than 80% of us! That is a horrific state of affairs – it is sad and it is discouraging, but mostly it is incredibly frustrating! Why frustrating? Because what that data suggests and implies is that most of us – very possibly including you, and certainly me, at one point or another – have allowed the Veil of Complacency to envelop, stifle, and ultimately suffocate our most precious, deepest, and truest desires, dreams, and aspirations. We’ve allowed it to smother out the expression and manifestation of who we were really meant to be and the life we were truly meant to create.

We’ve allowed that Veil to insidiously and oh-so-very-seductively dictate our choices of settling for less, of giving up, of getting by, of postponing, or of basically just half-living. And then, as if that weren’t bad enough, we further enable that very same Veil of Complacency with our own complicity guised as justifications, rationalizations, responsibilities, and practicalities. Clearly, that is not working for over 80% of us.

So, it is time to Pierce that Complacency Veil! It’s time for you, for me, and for all of us to take a stand for ourselves, for our hearts, for our souls, for our dreams, and for each other! It’s time to SAY NO to just getting through life and burying your dreams! It’s time to SAY NO to living out other peoples’ expectations of who you are and who you should be. It’s time to SAY NO to saying, “it’s fine.”

It is not fine!

So instead, let’s shine a light, together, on making a massive cultural shift towards hope, possibility, and growth! Let’s start, each one of us, SAYING YES to going out there and really living your life! Say yes to your dreams, yes to becoming your best self, yes to connecting with and engaging in your passions, yes to doing more of what you love and being more of who you love! Yes to creating, sharing, developing, growing, and contributing your gifts, your talents, your unique abilities, and your passions with the world! 

SAY YES to Piercing the Veil of Complacency; and go out there and Seize Your Passion!

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