MORE is Better!

Hear me out on this one, guys. When I say, “More is better,” I am not talking about a quantitative metric, but rather a qualitative one. I am also not speaking in some contextless vacuum. When I say, “More is better,” I am speaking in the context of personal growth, fulfillment, and becoming your best and true self, and I am talking about always striving to grow more, learn more, do more, and become more.

Here’s why more is better in that context: the antithesis of growth is complacency. When we become complacent and comfortable, we cease to strive. We cease to strive to achieve more, we cease to strive to dream more, and we cease to strive to learn more, grow more, and become more. To me, in the context of personal growth and fulfillment and becoming you best self – which is everything #SeizeYourPassion is about – that is the equivalence of death.

Take the example of whoever it is that defines “success” for you. Very often, you’ll find, that those incredibly successful people who have achieved so much, get to a point where despite all of their success and achievement, they still feel unfulfilled. The reason for that is often complacency.

See, I believe that at the end of the day, no matter who we are or where we come from, we are all seeking to live an impassioned and fulfilling life. I also believe that a key ingredient to attaining that is continuously striving for more and making progress. Too often, when we achieve a certain set of goals, we stop there. We become complacent, and we forget to continue to strive for more and achieve the next level of whatever it is we want to become.

The beautiful part of more in this context is that it’s literally limitless. Each and everyone of us can always strive for more, learn more, grow more, create more, love more, contribute more, achieve more, dream more, and become more. Always.

And, it’s not about not having an attitude of gratitude. It’s about being grateful for everything you have, recognizing everything you have achieved, but not stopping there.  And, it’s not about filling the void with stuff or just accumulating more or doing more for the sake of doing more. Rather, it is about always continuing to progress. Always continuing to grow, and become even better.

So don’t stop. Continue to dream more, be more, achieve more, and become more. More is better.



Rachel Ellner Lebensohn, Proud Creator & Founder of Seyopa

P.S. I write these blogs posts based on my weekly live stream videos. You can watch all our live stream videos on topics like this one and more here.

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