BLOG: Life is a Quest for Truth, Meaning, and Purpose

Here’s the truth. No, here’s my truth, right now. We’e all just figuring it out. I am. You are. Even those that think they already have. And you know what? That’s ok. It’s more than ok. It’s freakin awesome!

You know why?

Because Life is a Quest. It’s the ultimate journey in search of Truth, Meaning, and Purpose. And on that Quest, we seek connection, love, significance, value, contribution, happiness, success, and fulfillment. And that is a beautiful, beautiful thing. 

BUT in that seeking on that Quest, we often focus all of our attention and all of our efforts on things we believe will bring us what we are seeking, and we forget about the Quest itself. We forget about that ultimate search that is unique and individual to each and every one of us. We forget about that search for our Truth, our Meaning, and our Purpose.          

And we forget, or we haven’t yet figured out, that the only way to even embark on that Quest and partake in that journey in search of our Truth, our Meaning, and our Purpose is by CREATING IT, LEARNING IT, UNCOVERING IT, AND SHARING IT WITH THE WORLD.

It’s by realizing your dreams, and becoming your best self. 

And, when we start to remember that, or when we start to figure that out, those beautiful things that make life worth living, those beautiful things we all seek to achieve along the way on that Quest – connection, love, significance, value, contribution, happiness, success, and fulfillment – they create themselves out of us in the most natural, organic, real, and lasting way possible.

That is my truth, right now. What’s yours?

Seize Your Passion!  Create it, learn it, uncover it, and share it with the world!



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