Let’s get fired up!

So much emphasis is put on being rational. On being logical. On making “smart” decisions and acting from our heads. Whether it’s in our personal lives or in business.

And while I’m not condoning throwing all logic and reason out the window, and obviously you need to be smart about what you do and the decisions you make, I also believe it’s just as vital to emphasize and recognize the importance and regard for our emotional charge, and getting all fired up!

Emotional charge basically means the same thing as passionate. It means listening to and acting from your heart, from your gut, from your emotions — as much as you do from your head. It means getting fired up about something and feeling alive.

And, as with anything else, there’s both the positive energy and the negative energy to emotional charge. I know I myself can get super fired up and passionate about something on the positive side because I LOVE it, because I feel happy and alive when I engage in it, or because I believe in it. But I also know that I can get just as easily get fired up and passionate about something because I HATE it, or because it really irritates me or because I believe it is unjust, unfair or just wrong.

The key is tapping into that emotional charge, positive or negative, because it is the driving force behind everything we do. And, it’s vital to our success and our happiness.

In fact, there’s tons of scientific, logical and rational research that actually shows that our emotions are the driving force of everything in our life — even in business, where we are told our emotions should be left at the door. Because at the end of the day, emotions are the driving force of people and emotions are universal. When you think about it, that actually makes sense from a logical and rational perspective.

Emotions are what drive people to like, love or hate you, to believe in you, to invest in you, to support you. Emotions are what motivate us to act and are the pilots of the decisions we make on a daily basis. Emotions are what allow us to understand other people, and allows others to understand us. That’s how we build authentic, deep and meaningful connections and communicate with one another.

So, I say — let’s tap into our emotional charge — let’s connect and engage in whatever it is that fires us up, that brings us alive. Let’s inspire and empower each other to #SeizeYourPassion!

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Brandon Timez
Brandon Timez
8 years ago

That is actually a good article. Inspiring