Leading With Love By Following Your Heart

In our February 18th live Periscope with Bobby Umar, Bobby discussed the topic, How To Lead With Love. In order to truly seize our passion it is important to connect with the things we love. How do we do that? By leading with our hearts! Of course there are many ways to lead with our hearts but it all begins with recognizing what it is you love. Bobby mentioned he loves his work and his leadership abilities and his true joy of being a parent. By doing what he loves he’s fulfilling his purpose, and therefore his heart has led the way to seizing his passion!  Bobby suggested 5 steps towards living life by leading with love:

  1.  Alignment: Understand who you are and what you value most. This takes time to uncover but it’s critical to properly align who you are at your core and in your soul with what your values are.
  2. Dealing With Fear: Fear is real and it doesn’t feel good, but Bobby says we must embrace our fears and acknowledge they exist. It’s very important to practice self-love and not let fear hold you back. Bobby urges us to remember if we lead with our hearts it will minimize our fears. Do not let your mind get in the way. Your mind can hold you back, but your heart will set you free!
  3. Dealing With Obstacles: Of course life throws us curve balls and some are more complex than others. Bobby teaches us that dealing with these challenges helps us to seize our passion. If we use our hearts to help us through these challenges we learn to view them as an opportunity to grow and learn. Bobby emphasizes the importance of staying positive through difficult times. The more we grow and learn from these challenges, the closer we are to seizing our passion!
  4. Dealing With Failure: No matter how you slice it, failure is part of life and we must learn to forgive ourselves when we make mistakes. Bobby admits to failing many times, be it in business or in his personal life as a parent. He believes leading with his heart has helped him to embrace and learn from failure. Part of growing and succeeding in life is learned through trial and error.
  5. Find Your Daily Fuel: What’s your purpose? What’s your passion? Bobby strongly feels when we lead with our hearts it helps us to find our daily fuel; the energy we need to focus and enjoy what we do. The more self-aware we are and the more emotional intelligence we have, the easier it becomes to identify what it is that drives us.  If you lead with your heart you will be motivated to find your purpose.

Remember, when we lead with our hearts we are connecting with what we love. When we connect with what we love we are on our way to living a life of purpose and seizing our passion!  To watch all of our live streams, click here.


Blog published by Rachel Silver Cohen of Silver Unpolished

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