I’m Just Me.

I am not a motivational speaker. I am not a coach. I am not any sort of authority on personal development. I’m just me, Rachel, living my life and seizing my passion.

I started doing a weekly live stream video chat several months ago about my journey and passion for creating and building a platform, a community, and a movement that’s all about connecting with and engaging in what you love, authentically connecting with your core-self, and connecting with other like-minded people as a way to achieve personal growth and fulfillment in your life.

On this weekly live stream chat, I share my lessons learned for the week, my aha moments, my challenges, and my growth on my journey to seize my passion in creating and building this platform. I share my thoughts about what “Seize Your Passion” is all about, and what it means to me. I share my struggles, my wins, my voice and my story on that journey, week by week.

But, ever since I started these live streams, people have been asking me – “Are you a motivational speaker now? Are you trying to to become one?” Or, “Do you want to be a life coach, or some sort of authority figure on personal development and personal growth?” The answer is – no, no, no, no, no! I am JUST ME, Rachel, seizing my passion. I’m just me, sharing my passion, my beliefs, my journey, and my growth.

The only reason I started doing these weekly live streams is because a big part of my passion for building this community and this platform about seizing your passion- Seyopa.com- is my belief that we are all here, and we all can, learn and grow from each other, as regular every day real people. I believe that by sharing our stories, our voices, and our passions – including all the struggles and the challenges we face along the way, as well as the wins, the lessons we learn, the aha moments, and ultimately our growth – that’s how we learn and grow from each other, and that’s how we inspire and empower one another.

I do not mean in any way to knock or undermine the value and worth of having thought leaders, motivational speakers, coaches, and mentors in your life. In fact, I think they are invaluable, and are a great resource to achieve personal growth and achieve goals. I’m just saying that’s not me, and that’s not my passion or goal in doing my weekly live streams. I’m also saying that sometimes the best teachers we can have in life are everyday real people who are going through the same struggles we are, who are seizing their passion just as we are, who are striving to do their best and become the best versions of themselves as we are.

And, that’s my goal with the weekly live streams and why I started doing them. Because, if I’m building this platform and this community that’s all about inspiring and empowering each other, connecting with one another as a way to authentically connect with ourselves, and learning and growing from each other by sharing our voice, our story, and our journey, then how can I, as a member of that community – as the first member who started it, and the founder of the platform itself- how can I not participate in that?!

How can I myself  not practice what I preach and what I believe in on my own journey to seize my passion?! But, by no means do I wish to preach to you or at you as some authority figure or motivational speaker. Because I’m not. I’m just me, Rachel, living my life, seizing my passion, following my dreams, and sharing that with you. That’s all.



Rachel Ellner Lebensohn, proud Creator & Founder of Seyopa

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Brendan Gabriel Mullen
Brendan Gabriel Mullen
4 years ago

Hi and Thanks !! Brendan Gabriel Mullen, Looking forward to Hearing from you soon