I Hate Fluff!

I have always had a low tolerance for fluff. I hate anything or anyone that is superficial, trivial, or phony. I suppose a positive way of saying that is – I am drawn to, continuously search for, and engage with anything or anyone that is deep, meaningful, purposeful, and most importantly – real!

It’s so easy today to put stuff out there- to share your voice and your content with the world – which is wonderful. But, because of that, there is also so much B.S. and empty, disingenuous fluff to sift through. Specifically, in the space of personal development, fulfillment and achievement, which has become so mainstream and trendy today that words and ideas like integrity, authenticity, and yes – passion – have become nothing but overused, misused and abused catch phrases.

These words are thrown around so haphazardly that they end up being nothing but a facade of empty words with nothing real behind them- with no substance and no meaning. What’s even worse than the empty facade is when such sacred ideas and phrases, including notions of positivity, motivation, and realness are actually nothing but a ploy to lure you in. Often, these words are thrown around because someone thinks that’s what you want to hear or is simply trying to sell you something, and in actuality end up being in complete contradiction to what those words truly mean.

Even the benign, well-intentioned among us too often and too easily latch on to such words as passion, integrity and authenticity because we think it’s what we should be saying, or what others expect to hear from us when really it’s got nothing to do with what we’re actually trying to convey or achieve.  Even if I disagree with someone or something wholeheartedly, I would 1000 times over prefer to engage with that idea or that person if it’s truly real and raw with substance, meaning and depth behind it.

While I look for depth and true authenticity, I have also learned to search for simplicity at the same time. I often tend to over complicate things unnecessarily. But, I’ve learned enough to know that some of the greatest truths and most poignant concepts in life are often the most basic and simple ones.

So, when I sift through all the fluff out there, I search for the substantive, meaningful, purposeful, and truly authentic stuff; but I also search for the simple stuff. KISS is an acronym that stands for Keep It Simple Stupid. I refer to it, however, as Keep It Simple Smart – because it’s far from stupid and is incredibly smart.

So, for me it’s all about keeping it real, keeping it deep, keeping it meaningful and purposeful, but also keeping it simple smart!



Rachel Ellner Lebensohn, Proud Creator & Founder of Seyopa

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