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Your Passions, Your Stories, Your Community!

Welcome. Seyopa is your place where you can connect with, get re-acquainted with, discover, and share whatever you are passionate about with a like-minded community. Here’s a quick video to walk you through our vision (and you can also watch a short statement from our founder):

1. Register for the site: You’ll need to register in order to engage with your community.

2. Engage with a group: Seyopa is a bunch of like-minded communities where you can share and discuss whatever you’re passionate about. The site is divided up into Passion Groups, and you can see the conversation by clicking the Passion Groups button in the menu on the top right of the site, by selecting a Passion Group from the sidebar on the right, by searching for a group in the search bar, or just click here. We started with a few groups we think people are passionate about such as travel, food and drink, and kids and parenting. If you like what you see then go ahead and join the group using the Join Group button that appears at the top of that group’s page:

Seyopa join a passion group

Or create your own group (see below).

3. Create a new group: We started with some broad categories, but you can start a conversation around whatever lights your fire. Your group can be as broad or as specific as you’d like. Click the Passion Groups button in the site menu and then click the Create a Group button on the page that appears (or just click here):

You’ll be asked to give your group a name and a description. Then press the “Create Group and Continue” button:

Seyopa name your new group

That’s it! You’ve just created a new group and you can now find it in the list of Passion Groups. There are other optional settings that you can either ignore or fill out, like adding a cover photo.

4. Post something: If you’re joining an existing group go ahead and start posting as well as commenting on other people’s posts. To post something new just go to the group page and you’ll see this box:

Seyopa post something

Posting is easy. Type your message, add a photo, a video, or a link if you want, and then click the Post Update button.

If you want to comment on a post (either someone else’s or your own) just click the Comment button, type your comment, and press the Post button.

Seyopa comment on a post