Video: How to Find Light Within the Darkness

Leia Baez: “I know that stars don’t shine in the light, and neither do we. It is during the darkness that we are forced to grow and learn who we are. So don’t run away from those dark times; embrace them. We are on a mission to better ourselves, to be successful, and to better this world….Your toughest battles will bring forth your biggest breakthroughs….Failure often turns out to be the start of something so much greater….Dream big, fail hard, but never give up.”

Source: YouTube

Author: Goalcast

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Barbara Barragan
5 years ago

This is what I needed. My husband is leaving me a after 22 years and I’m devastated. I’m 51 and am going back to get my degree. I’m scared and depressed but I know ineed to find that little part of my soul that can push me to be better. I’ve been his wife for so long that I’ve forgotten who I am. I’ll find my way, one way or another.