Hope and Curiosity

Curiosity will conquer fear even more than bravery will.”   – James Stephens   

Hope is passion for what is possible.” – Soren Kierkegaard

When you’re in the thick of it – when you’re feeling uncertain, anxious, stressed, or depressed; when you’re feeling defeated, tired, and want to give up; when everything and everyone seems to be working against you, hold on, with everything you’ve got, to these two things, no matter what, and they will pull you through – Hope and Curiosity.

They’re the two most important things, which you must never let go of, to bring you back home to yourself, to lift you up when you’ve fallen, and to remind you of all that matters and all that’s good and true! 

Hope for a better tomorrow. Hope that things will get better (and they will). Hope for your vision and dreams. Hope for the love, light, and all the best things life has to offer, that are yet to come! Hold onto that hope and never let it go!  

Curiosity about everything you’re going through right now. As in, what is this here to teach me? How can I learn and grow from this? How can I overcome this and become better and stronger and wiser for it? So that I can go make all that hope, and all those dreams, into my reality.

Hope and Curiosity. They’re your power, your agency, and your choice!

So when you feel like giving up, say – “Not today!” Because today you’re choosing hope and curiosity instead.

Choose hope over doubt, and hope over fear. Choose curiosity over defeat, and curiosity over disempowerment. Choose hope and curiosity, every single time! Because your choice matters; and it makes a difference!

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Now, more than ever: 
Do more of what you LOVE!
Be more of who you LOVE!
Seize Your Passion!

Stay safe, healthy, strong, and positive!

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