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“Seyopa forces me to pause. It makes me realize all the things I’m missing and forgetting because I’m busy running all the time. It helps me listen inwardly to what really brings me alive.”


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  • A New (Controversial) Perspective on Giving, and Getting What You Want!

    Call “Success” whatever you like. Call it happiness, call it love, contribution, purpose, meaning, call it achievement or fulfillment. No matter what words you use to express it, and regardless of the different methods you employ to represent, materialize, or attain it, WE ALL WANT IT!!! At the end of the day, and certainly at the end of our life, WE ALL WANT THE SAME THING! We want to feel, and we want to know, that we truly LIVED our life – not someone else’s; and, that we lived our life in the BEST way possible. We want to feel and know that we truly LOVED our life, that we truly loved others, and that we ourselves were truly loved. We want to feel and know that we truly MATTERED – that our life mattered, that we contributed something, and that we had some significance because of the fact that we were alive!! Whatever you want to call that – again, be it success, happiness, love, meaning, purpose, fulfillment, or any other word or words you choose, you also choose to achieve and attain that ultimate “end” through all kinds of different representations that you associate and link to reaching that “end.” Whether that representation is social status and recognition, whether it’s money, family, a certain life-style, certain experiences, or a set of values, beliefs, and philosophies to live by. And for most of us, maybe just to hedge our bet, we choose to strive for a big old melting-pot-mix of all those representations to get to that end. But, regardless of what you call it, and regardless of which representation of it resonates with you – at the end of the day, and at the end of your life, I believe WE ALL WANT THAT SAME THING! And because of that, most of us spend a lot of our time (in fact, often we spend our entire adult lives) focusing on HOW to achieve those representations of that same thing we all ultimately want, call it what you may. We focus on how to get those representations, and then we start working towards building them, creating them, finding them, and procuring them. We focus on, and we put our energy and time into striving for them using all kinds of different strategies, means, and practices in order to achieve them. Because we believe that once we have those representations in our life, that will surely yield that ultimate and final end of “success” or “happiness” or “fulfillment” that we all want! In other words, we spend our entire adult lives building and working towards those representations as the means by which to achieve and attain that end of what we really want. Now, here’s where it gets interesting (and maybe a little controversial)…. A currently popular, and feel-good strategy, practice, and belief many of us buy into today is that the more we give, the more we get. When we serve others, and focus on helping others – the end result of success and happiness, as well as all the different representations of that end result and what we really want – will just naturally follow and flow to us from there. Here’s the problem with that, though. To me, that sounds a lot like: giving to others, serving others, helping or inspiring others, as selfless and altruistic as its appeal may be, is really nothing more than the means and strategy we use to achieve and attain the end result we really want for ourselves, again whatever you may call that end result, be it “success”, “happiness”, “purpose”, “meaning”, “contribution”, or whatever. BUT, WHAT IF, JUST WHAT IF – IT’S ACTUALLY THE OTHER WAY AROUND! What if the means is actually our success and happiness, and more specifically – our own individual self-actualization, realizing our dreams, fulfilling our greatest potential, manifesting our Personal Legend, tapping into, cultivating, nurturing, and developing our individual talents, gifts, and yes, our passions – in order to achieve the end result of giving, sharing, serving, helping, inspiring, and thereby contributing those very gifts, talents, and passions – the very best of us – with and to others and the world!!  That’s what I believe. I believe we are all meant to realize our dreams and become our best selves by doing what we love and what we were each meant to do SO THAT we can share that with the world, and thereby make a difference, inspire, serve, love, and help others!! And I believe that is the real how we get what we all really want in the end- to feel and to know that we truly did live our life to the fullest and in the best possible way, that we truly did love and were loved, and that our life and we truly did matter!  So, instead of focusing on strategies like giving to others in order to then become successful and attain happiness, maybe we should start focusing on who we are, who we were meant to be, why we’re here, and what we’re meant to create and contribute and gift back to the world through that. Maybe giving to yourself first in that way, by realizing your dreams and becoming your best self, and by taping into your passions and gifts, and fulfilling your true potential is NOT selfish or self-centered at all. Maybe attaining your individual success and happiness is actually the first step to ultimately giving, serving, contributing, living, loving, and mattering to others and to the world! And not just because if you don’t start with giving to yourself, you’ll burnout, sacrifice yourself, and run empty on your own fuel so that you’ll actually have nothing to give  – though that’s 100%% true; but also because maybe realizing your dreams and becoming your best self is actually the means by which you are able to give ALL that you were meant to give and are capable of giving to the world!!! And maybe, just maybe, that’s why we’re all here…. As always, do more of what you love and be more of who you love!!! #SeizeYourPassion! 
  • Article: This ONE Simple (and Highly Underrated) Principle will FREE YOU from Stress For Good!

    Let’s call a spade a spade, shall we?!
    1. We ALL have stress in our lives.
    2. Stress is THE #1 SILENT KILLER of Health, Happiness, and yes, Dreams!!!
    3. Living stress-free is getting more elusive, overwhelming, and complicated (i.e., MORE STRESSFUL) in this modern age and culture of productivity, efficiency, speed, multi-tasking, and information overload!
    But, what if eliminating stress isn’t actually as complicated as we are led to believe? WHAT IF FREEING YOURSELF FROM STRESS IS REALLY SIMPLE?! First, consider these two quotes:

    It’s not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.” – Hans Selye “The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.” – William James

    So, if it’s not stress that kills us, but rather our reaction to it; and if our greatest weapon against stress is our own choice of thoughts; and again, if we’re living in an age where there are increasingly more stressors, then all that begs the real question at hand: THE REAL QUESTION: How do we develop the resilience, the energy, and the mindset to consistently squash the power and control stress has on us, and FREE oursleves from its hold once and for all??!!! I believe the answer lies in one simple truism. THE REAL ANSWER: DO MORE OF WHAT YOU LOVE!!!!  Yes, it’s that simple, it’s that self-evident, and perhaps because of that, it’s also that underestimated! But here’s the plain truth. When we consistently and regularly (and those two words are KEY, which I’ll get to in a moment) connect with, and engage in, the activities, pursuits, experiences, interests, pastimes, hobbies, ventures, occupations, callings, projects, undertakings, and work that we LOVE – the ones that bring us alive, that rejuvenate us with energy, that fill us up with meaning and joy, that simultaneously take us away from and bring us back to ourselves in the most magical and best way possible, that sometimes even help us transcend time and space- that is how we tap into, nurture, develop, and leverage the very resilience, energy, and mindset that obliterate the deadly affects of stress! That’s how we take control and change our reaction to all the stressors that will continue to come, and that’s how we use our most valuable weapon – our power to choose not just our thoughts, but our entire state of mind and state of being, come what may! Because we are fueled with the requisite energy, power, and strength it takes to do that. And that fuel is literally generated by doing more of what we love!!!    Yes, it’s that simple. Now, consider these two quotes:

    Many of us feel stress and get overwhelmed not because we’re taking on too much, but because we’re taking on too little of what really strengthens us.” – Marcus Buckingham “We all have those things that even in the midst of stress and disarray, they energize us and give us renewed strength and purpose. These are our passions.” – Adam Braun

    In other words, we need to take on more of what really strengthens us. We need to do more of what energizes and replenishes us. We need to connect more with our most fundamental and vital selves. We need to Seize Our Passions more! And we need to do it consistently and regularly! Not just as a one-off. Because you’re not going to get into shape by going to the gym once or even every once in a while, right?! It’s the same exact thing. And, to quote Will Smith – it’s much easier staying in shape than it is getting in shape. So, incorporating what you love into your regular daily practice, consistently every day, as much, whenever, and wherever you can is how you start building that resilience, energy, and mindset that defeats stress every time; and then over time, it’s how you easily maintain and sustain that power and dominance so you can just effortlessly say – Be Gone Stress! Whether it’s in your professional life or in your personal one, but ideally in both – do more of what you love! Whether it’s your hobby and pastime or it’s your calling and career, but ideally both – do more of what you love! And not just because it’s fun. Not only because it will invariably lead to success, which it will, by the way. But because your health, your happiness, and your dreams literally depend on it! Do more of what you love! And be more of who you love! They go together like movies and popcorn. And they beat the big, bad, wolf (namely, Stress) just like the heroes in the movies we watch while eating that popcorn do :-)). Be that hero! All you have to do is – more of what you LOVE!!!! I dare you! Read this for more on why Passion is the ultimate gateway drug that leads to everything else that matters in life!!!! And… Wear this if you Choose Passion over Stress!!! :-). Do more of what you love and be more of who you love!!! #SeizeYourPassion! 
  • VIDEO: When One Door Closes….| If You’ve Been Rejected, Watch This by Jay Shetty

    If you’ve ever felt rejected, watch this. If you’ve ever felt like you failed, watch this. If you’ve ever felt “unlucky”, watch this. “When we get rejected, or we fail, or things don’t go our way, we feel we’re further away from our goal. But sometimes it’s in those moments that we have the greatest opportunity to reflect, refuel and refocus. It’s in those moments that feel like the death of our dreams that our truest potential is actually taking birth.” “If a door doesn’t open, it’s not your door. Often we;re trying to climb ladders that are not ours to climb. Is your dream really your dream? Are you chasing what you truly want? …In our pain we find our greatest power.” “Every time we think we’re being rejected from something good, remember, we’re just being redirected to something better.” – Jay Shetty Source: YouTube Author: Jay Shetty
  • VIDEO: So LIVE!!! | Kenny Leon | Goalcast

    Discover Passion! “If you haven’t discovered what you love, I wish you would spend every waking minute searching for it.” Find as many moments of laughter as you can. And, “I wish you a double heaping dose of strength and courage.” Because “your belief in yourself must be so strong that it doubles everyone else’s collective disbelief.” One of Broadway’s leading directors, Kenny Leon delivers a compelling series of lessons his hero once shared with him. Source: YouTube Author: Goalcast  
  • Video: Live Stream – Passion Clarity

    Two techniques to get a pulse on, gain clarity, and live out of your Passion so you can truly #SeizeYourPassion, do more of what you love, be more of who you love, realize your dreams, and become your best self!
  • VIDEO: Seize Your Passion!

    Life is short, and your time here is sacred. So LIVE!! your life, to the fullest – with meaning, purpose, passion, and fulfillment! You can realize your dreams and become your best self! That’s why you’re here. Do more of what you love, and be more of who you love. Seize Your Passion!
  • Article: Why self responsibility is the key to being the best you

    The debate is still out on how people can find success in life. The problem, of course, remains that success looks different to everyone. How can I tell you how to find success if my definition of success is different from yours? Well, it turns out that no matter what you want your life to look like, there are a few key elements that have to fall into place in order to make that life a reality. One of those key elements is self responsibility.

    Which perspective do you adopt?

    Some people believe that life happens to them, while others believe that life happens for them. The perspective you wish to adopt can drastically change your life – for the better. If you are passively passing through your life thinking that life is happening to you, good or bad, regardless of what you do to change it, then you won’t ever get out of your own way to make good things happen. Why would you? If something bigger or badder than you is in control, shouldn’t you be worrying about other things? It would seem so for some people. On the other side of that coin, however, is another group of people who firmly believe that they have the power to influence their lives. And many of those believers are people who used to think that life happened to them. Then, at some point, something happens to change their mind and they start focusing on taking responsibility for their actions, good or bad, and they start to see change in their lives. There is a famous quote from Charles R. Swindoll that summarizes this perfectly: Usually, people adopt the perspective that they can change their reality by changing their perspective after they realize they can lose those last 10 pounds, they can get that raise at work, and they can start their own business.

    You’re more in control of the outcome than you think

    Whenever we overcome major hurdles in life, we tend to want to give up our efforts to luck. Sometimes, it feels more like dumb luck, but if you trace back your steps from idea to completion, you’ll find that you were probably more in control of the outcome than originally thought. After all, did fate make you run 5km every morning before work? No, you did that. And if you can do that, what else can you do? The idea that our lives are just passing us by is a commonly adopted practice and widely accepted human fate. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Everyday millions of people take steps in a different direction than they were previously headed and make real, lasting change in their lives. Some people leave their spouse, quit their job, or book that vacation. Sometimes, it’s a small choice like choosing fruit over another bag of potato crisps. The point is that nobody is making you eat that food, stay in that job, or be miserable. We are choosing those things. It’s just easier to blame someone or something else than it is to take self responsibility. So when you find yourself in a slump, ask yourself what you did to get there. Because if you can will yourself into a slump, you can will yourself out of it.

    Success is a matter of perspective

    In work, success usually comes in the form of money, promotions, fancy job titles, and opportunity. But it can be about other things as well. For many entrepreneurs, success is about finding that elusive balance they craved while working a 9-5. It’s about being able to earn money they never thought possible, or clocking out early on a Friday afternoon because they can. To some people, paying their bills and having enough money for a case of beer on the weekend is their definition of success. To others, millions of dollars in the bank is what they consider success. Whatever it is that you want in life, you can have it. If you want it bad enough and are willing to put the work in to get it. All too often people think that they will fall into money or that someone will notice them and give them a promotion. But if you want those things, you need to show up and be seen first.

    How to take self responsibility

    Taking responsibility doesn’t mean doing way more work than you need to. It’s about accepting that you are the only one who can change your life for the better. If you don’t like something about how you are living, it’s about taking the time to change it. No one can do that for you. Not your mom, your dad, your rich uncle, Frank: no one can change what isn’t working in your life, except you. So now you have to ask yourself this question: are you ready to take responsibility for your life? Amazing things can happen if you do. Source: Ideapod Author: Lachlan Brown
  • Video: How to Find Your Purpose | Jay Shetty on Impact Theory

    Jay Shetty sits down with Tom Bilyeu to discuss passion, purpose, and everything in between. He breaks down key steps in building your ideal life, bridging practical studies with spiritual insight, gaining self-awareness, and shares his answers to the 3 questions he gets asked the most [HINT: #1 has to do with Passion]. Eloquent, enlightened, inspiring, and wise beyond his years, Jay shares his story and his insights in such a powerful way! NOTABLE QUOTES AND WHERE TO FIND THEM IN THIS VIDEO:
    • “Fast forward where you are, look at yourself in 10, 15, 20 years time, and ask yourself the question: ‘Is that where I want to be?’…And if the answer’s no, then you need to find a new path.” [09:01]
    • “There’s this beautiful quote…by Cooley, and he said: ‘Today I’m not what I think I am, I’m not what you think I am, I am what I think you think I am.’ So we live in this perception of a perception of ourselves.” [13:03]
    • “Your passion is for you, your purpose is for others. Your passion makes you happy. But when you use your passion to make a difference in someone else’s life, that’s a service, that’s a purpose.” [22:54]
    • “Being able to reflect and observe the different voices inside of us is a great place to start your self-awareness because the biggest challenge is that most of us don’t know what we’re listening to. Most of us don’t even know that there is more than one voice inside of us.” [32:28]
    • “So how do I find my passion? My simple model, which is the Dharma model…it’s very similar to what Ikigai is being spoken about today, which is a Japanese version of reason for being, why do we live, where is meaning coming from, and it talks about an intersect of four areas: 1) What am I good at; 2) What do I love; 3) What does the world need; and 4) How do I get paid for it. To me, those four help you unlock your passion.”[42:39]
    Source: YouTube Author: Tom Bilyeu
  • BLOG: The Stuff In Between The Lines

    “Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.” – John Lennon

    We’re all so busy. Even now during the summer when a lot of us are taking some well overdue and deserved vacations, we’re still busy. Busy with commitments, with responsibilities, with check lists, with all the stuff we’re supposed to do, or have to do, or need to do. I get it. I promise, I’m right there with you…. But, I had this thought the other day: We draw all these metaphorical lines for ourselves in life, but really what ultimately matters the most is all the stuff in between the lines.  Right?! But the stuff in between the lines wouldn’t be the stuff in between the lines if the lines weren’t there. It would just be stuff, orderless and meaningless. So we need those lines to give the stuff that matters in between its very significance, meaning, and value. The problem is – what often ends up happening is that we end up focusing all of our attention and energy and time on creating and building those lines, that we forget about all the stuff that really matters in between. We forget the very reason we started building those lines in the first place. It’s the same with our busy-ness. It’s the same with our dreams and goals. And it’s the same with our passions. So, let’s not do that! Let’s continue to create and build all those necessary lines and frameworks and structures, yes. BUT, let’s also remember to pay attention, to nurture, to cultivate, and to contribute our time, energy and focus into the reason we build those lines in the first place – all the stuff in between. As always, do more of what you love and be more of who you love! #SeizeYourPassion! Passionately Yours, Rachel
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