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  • Video: 4 Women Who Learned That Owning Your Truth Is Power | Oprah Winfrey Network

    Owning who we are is Power. Be yourself. Don’t conform, and let the ones who tell you differently inspire you. “Anybody pretending to be anything other than who you really are, you will never ever reach your personal potential.” Four empowering messages about staying true to your authentic self to realize your dreams. #SeizeYourPassion! Source: YouTube Author: OWN
  • Article: 5 Life Lessons To Learn From The Alchemist

    Reading is a skill that can help us dive into the minds of the greatest philosophers, historians, and generation leaders of all time. Paulo Coelho is one of those writers, and The Alchemist is a perfect example of one of these great books that comes along and leaves a huge wake in its trail. This article will demonstrate a few of the key lessons and takeaways that this book has to offer, but as for any situation, there is always more to learn.

    Here are 5 life lessons we can learn from The Alchemist:

    1. We are all Alchemists with the power to build our ideal lives

    Alchemy means to transform or create something through some seemingly magical process. Designing your own custom life from scratch, according to what was only a mental picture of it before, is nothing short of magic. How many people have successfully done this? Only a handful. But it’s the opportunity that lies in front of every single one of us. It’s imperative that we snatch it up and get to work!

    2. Sometimes everything you seek is right where you started

    Often times along our journey to success and fulfillment, we realize that everything we wanted and needed was right where we started. We are often seeking something exterior to make us happy or fulfill us, but it’s unnecessary because we have everything we need inside of us. This search manifests itself in search of money, fame, and levels of success. The irony of the road to success is that you’re already successful if you’re committed to betterment, growth and abundance. Before you embark on any journey, recognize that you’ve got the tools within you to succeed, the capacity to learn a massive amount, and can develop an unbreakable mindset.

    “It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”  – Paulo Coelho

    3. Your mission is the most important aspect of your life

    Everyone needs a mission, and this is part of what gives you your drive and your purpose. When you know your why, you are more dedicated to your skill building, your hustle improves, and your clarity for the future increases.Your relationships with family, friends, and romance are improved drastically because you’re authentically living for your real purpose. You’re fulfilling it every day, which brings more passion to each of those areas, your finances improve because you’re adding massive value, and your free time is expanded because you’ve created your ideal life from your passions. Hopefully you can recognize why clarifying your mission makes all else easier.Also, it comes before your love life, because your heart is wide open, giving your all to the world as you see it, and providing value for generations that come after you. There’s an anecdote in the story when the main character Santiago is faced with a choice between his love Fatima, or his mission, otherwise known as why his search began.He goes to a fortune-teller who tells him he could choose her first, and he would be happy, for a time. After these short years, havoc would wreak itself on the village he led because he did not give the world his full gift. In the end, he chose to leave her and pursue his mission, and was able to regain her love and relationship after he fulfilled his main purpose.It’s like this for us too. If you’re not willing to throw it all away for the greater good, and your highest consciousness, it’s not going to end well.

    4. It’s about the journey more than the destination

    Many of us, myself included, get caught up in the striving for a destination. “If I could just get…” “If I could just make enough to…” “If I can just reach…” This thinking is pointless because all we ever have is the present moment.What this really means is that we’ll always have to be right here, right now. If we’re unsatisfied right here and right now, we’re fooling ourselves. We’re delaying gratification to a point that may never come. It’s powerful to reach and work towards goals on the daily, and smash them.What’s not helpful for us is if we don’t allow ourselves to be happy on the journey. We can and should be proud of what we’ve done, have a clear goal for the future, and always be growing. Don’t let yourself slip down the path of bashing yourself for not being where you want yet. It will come, and right now is a part of the journey that’s extremely necessary.

    “Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams.” – Paulo Coelho

    5. There are tons of setbacks before the momentum

    Before you reach any type of tipping point, you will necessarily need to go through many setbacks and what look like failures. Be thankful for these opportunities. Think of it this way: these are the doors to what you want. You just go through them and get to the other side, which are your goals. You cannot succeed without them. So change your frame of mind and be happy and thankful when they show up, since you’re one step closer to success.Don’t confuse temporary setback with permanent failure, though. Setbacks are not failure, but quitting is. The only way you can fail is if you quit because you can’t do it. If you’re not willing to push through everything to what you really want most, then you don’t deserve it anyways. The world will test and try your will to seize what you want. Never give into these tests. Laugh in their face and say “bring it on.”
    Source: Author: Evan Teague
  • Article: How to Focus on Your DREAMS

    In life, there’s only one thing you can rely on. And that’s you. It’s really impossible for others to guess the real magnificence of what you can dream up, so whatever you are hoping for from others will never be deeply satisfying. In the end, to be truly fulfilled it’s about connecting to yourself, your power and finding the answers for yourself. I spent many hours thinking that the perfect job would hopefully turn up one day or that prince charming would woo his way into my life. The thing is that I wasn’t very specific about what exactly it was that I would really love. The truth is, I didn’t really know as I didn’t take the time to ask myself. But I could tell you exactly what it was that I didn’t want, for example:
    • Working endless hours in the office to go out drinking in the evening for “fun”
    • Breaking my back for a company that really didn’t give a sh*t and wasn’t doing anything “meaningful”
    • Waiting by the telephone for “him” to call
    • Robbing Peter to pay Paul
    It was through working with a coach that I realised that I spent more time and energy focusing on my fears than my dreams. And then I wondered why I wasn’t getting what I really wanted!!! So then I started to connect to my Inner State. That place inside where you know exactly what it is that you would love. When you begin the process of connecting to yourself and asking yourself deep questions, you stop searching outside. The panic will slip away, to be replaced by a deeper knowing of what is truly right for you, and that…it’s all very possible. I connect to my Inner State in a number of ways, to find the real answers of what my heart is longing for by:

    1) Taking time for me:

    Sometimes I take time out just for me, whether it’s going to the spa, having my favourite cup of tea with a book in bed or taking a bath. It’s all about nourishing myself to show that I care and I’m there for me.

    2) Meditating:

    Yup, the number 1 thing that nearly everyone recommends now I find it helps to calm my mind and I feel more centred and connected to me. Start off with just 10mins with the Headspace App or try Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s 21-day meditation experiences.

    3) Asking my heart questions:

    When I have a big change coming up, my brain goes into a panic and I look to solve the problem quickly. However, by asking the right questions and taking the time to listen to my heart, instead of just my head, it feels a whole lot better. I work with a coach to ask those deep questions and then I just let the answers bubble up from the surface, it’s like a feeling that just comes up that feels right. So I invite you now to connect more to your Inner State, and try putting into practice these simple steps to focus more on your dreams than your fears! I work with clients to ask those deep questions so that they take the time they deserve to create their dream life. Love Kelly x Source: LinkedIn Author: Kelly Morgan
  • Video: Reality Check

      Facing and dealing with a negative reality. How to take the next best step to realizing your dreams and becoming your best self when confronted with a negative reality. This is the edited “snackable” version of the March 2, 2018 Live Stream. To watch the original un-cut live stream, click here.
  • Video: Everyone Needs To Hear This | by Jay Shetty

    “When asked what surprised him most about humanity, the Dalai Lama answered, ‘We sacrifice our health in order to make wealth, then we sacrifice our wealth in order to get back our health.’ We’re so anxious about what will happen in the future, that we don’t enjoy the present….We end up living like we’re never going to die, and then die never having truly lived….We live in a world where day dreams are more common than dream jobs….We sacrifice our quest for purpose and meaning, and in the pursuit of those paychecks, we give up our passion.” But, “imagine a world where everyone lived their passion….” Source: YouTube | Jay Shetty
  • Video: Who Were You Meant to Be? 5 Ways to Find Your Purpose | SuperSoul Sunday | Oprah Winfrey Network

    Who were you meant to be and how do you know when you are on the right path? Be true to yourself and stop betraying yourself, enjoy life and have fun, pursue what brings you alive, ask the big questions, and understand your story. “Your purpose is everything that you’ve done that connects the dots of your life that bring value and meaning to you.” Source: YouTube | OWN
  • Video: If You Want to Change the World, Start Off by Making Your Bed – William McRaven, US Navy Admiral

    US Navy Admiral, William H. McRaven, delivers a speech about the importance of doing the little things right, facing your fears, standing up to the bullies, measuring a person by the size of their heart, embracing the power of hope, never giving up, and changing the world for generations to come. Source: YouTube | Goalcast
  • Video: Why We Should Invest In Our Passions | Jay Shetty

    The root cause of why so many of us lie on our resumes comes down to self-awareness. “When we were young, we had hobbies, we had passions, we had skills that we could articulate, that we could share with people. But as we’ve grown older, we’ve forgotten about them. We struggle to express our passion for absolutely anything. The more self-aware we become, the more confident we become about the skills that we have.” Source: YouTube | Jay Shetty
  • Wake The F**K UP!

    I struggled writing this. I struggled more than usual because I feel, and I fear, that no amount of eloquence could possibly convey the depth, breadth, and import of the message I wish to express. But, in the spirit of what Seyopa and Seizing Your Passion is about, I will nonetheless do the best I can with what I have right now, with the intention and hope that it will touch you, affect you, or make some impression upon you – even if in the smallest way. I say this to you just as I say it to myself, and I say it with nothing but love. Truly. WAKE THE F**K UP!!  [How’s that for eloquence? :-)]. Look, it’s simple. Life is short. Life is precious. We only get one go at it. And, none of us have any guarantee that it won’t end tomorrow. Period. Knowing that, recognizing it, and truly appreciating what that means – how could you possibly not want to be fully awake? How could you possibly not want to live your life to the fullest and really make it count?! How could you possibly not want to maximize your potential, live out your dreams (not someone else’s), be true to yourself, be the best you, love what you do, do what you love, be who you love, and put in the maximum possible amount of time, energy, focus, attention, and intention into loving and honoring yourself and the people in your life that matter the most?! Even when it’s hard. Even when it’s painful. Even when it’s not instant. Even when “surrendering” is actually the most courageous thing you can do because you’re finally listening to your infinitely wise, truest, and deepest most inner voice shouting out its whisper against all the noise. And yet, we do. We fall asleep. We forget. We take for granted. We give up. We get consumed and distracted by bullshit, by self-doubt and insecurities and fears, by bullies and people who make us feel small so that they can feel big, by status symbols, by others’ opinions, and by self-medicating, precious-time-snatching, ego-boosting, and disingenuous, surface-level, short-term “gains”. Let’s not. Let’s wake up – as awake and aware and alive as we can possibly be. As awake and aware and alive as the miracle of our life demands and deserves. Our life and time here is so very precious and short lived – let’s remember to live it as fully, authentically, courageously, and meaningfully as we possibly can! Let’s remember to play for the long-term. Let’s remember to love and live and give and grow and create and change and learn and contribute and impact and build and evolve as passionately, truthfully, and whole-heartedly as we possibly can. Let’s remember to wake the f**k up! Because you can’t change what you don’t understand. And you can’t understand what you’re not aware of. But if you refuse to wake up, then you’ll never become aware. And then how can you possibly ever expect to live the life you were meant to live?! But, know this –  once you wake up, you can’t ever go back. You can’t un-see what you see. You won’t ever be able to go back to sleep. Nor will you ever want to again…. As always – Do more of what you love and be more of who you love! Continue to realize your dreams and become your best self. (Because as Churchill said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.“).  #SeizeYourPassion! P.S. If my words don’t resonate with you in some way, and certainly if they do, then please read the words left by this dying 24-year-old, whose reddit thread went viral. May his story serve as an inspirational wake-up call to us all! Our life and time here is so very precious and short lived – let’s remember to live it as fully, authentically, courageously, and meaningfully as we possibly can! Read his story here. 
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