Five Ways to Just Say Yes!

On our last periscope with Bobby Umar, we discussed how to deal with nay-sayers: those people telling you why you shouldn’t or can’t do something, why it’s a terrible idea, or why it won’t work. Our viewers suggested strategies like: be diplomatic, keep grinding and let the results speak for themselves, use your nay-sayers as a road map to prepare for solutions, let them predict the worst that can happen and then plan accordingly.

Bobby gave us his own top five tips for dealing with nay-sayers:

  1. Get their feedback: Ask them why they think it won’t work, what suggestions they have to overcome those challenges, and force them to think of the positive.
  2. Adopt a growth mind set: Be able to take critique and use it to evolve and grow.
  3. Create some space between yourself and that person and let go of the negative emotions involved, but don’t necessarily write off or let go of that person.
  4. Respond with and talk about the emotional and psychological benefit of whatever it is you are doing —the benefit to you and to others.
  5. Turn your naysayers into yay-sayers and leverage them into influencers!
You can watch the full video of the periscope discussion here:
Rachel Lebensohn
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