I LOVE Universal Truths. Ideas, principles, and beliefs that transcend circumstances and individuals, and are always valid. Ideas, principles, and beliefs that help us understand not only ourselves, but each other, on such a deep, real, and soulful level. That help us connect with others, and tap into our own potential at the same time. That teach us awareness, compassion, insight, and enlightenment so that we can master and profoundly enjoy the greatest game of all – the game of life.

We each have a specific and unique set of principles, belief systems, values, and ideas by which we operate. It’s your individual operating system that’s made up of the experiences, culture, education, places, and people in your life. Your human operating system dictates every choice and decision you make, and subsequently it actually controls and determines your entire life. It follows then, that the more you understand your own operating system, the more you can create a life by your own design, rather than a life by default.

Within your individual operating system, there are also certain ideas, principles, and beliefs that relate to your existential reality regardless of time or space, and regardless of your background or your back story. These are Universal Truths that can be used as one of your most powerful tools to steer, leverage, and control your entire human operating system, and thus your entire life by design.

The idea that everything is temporary is one such Universal Truth. Applying this truth to your journey of realizing your dreams, fulfilling your greatest potential, becoming your best self, and creating and manifesting your greatest imagined life, is paramount in helping you not only achieve, but also maintain the success, fulfillment, and the growth that you are striving for.

When you encounter the good times, the successes, and the wins, knowing and remembering that everything is temporary – success, happiness, fulfillment, and the good times too – will teach you yet another powerful lesson and truth. Namely, that you never own your success (substitute success with whatever word you like here), but rather you lease it and your rent is due every day.

Knowing, understanding, and remembering that, will empower and motivate you to continuously nurture, maintain, and evolve your success, every day. It’s what will prevent you from reaching some end point, destination, or ceiling and saying – “Is that it?!” And, it’s also what will prevent you from resting on your laurels, becoming lazy, cocky, or entitled, and saying – “I’ve arrived. I made it. I don’t have any more work to do.”

When you encounter the challenges, obstacles, struggles, and tough times that life inevitably throws your way and that you invariably face on your journey to creating, building, and realizing your dreams and achieving your goals – whatever they may be – knowing, understanding, and remembering this Universal Truth will once again serve as one of your greatest tools and most powerful resources.

Because knowing that everything is temporary and nothing is permanent, remembering and reminding yourself that this too shall pass during those down cycles; that is what will help you get through those tough times. That is what will give you the strength to not get stuck, or overwhelmed, or feel defeated, but rather to take a step forward in order to move past it, through it, and around it. That is what will give you actionable hope, faith, and belief that a better day is on the horizon, and ultimately that is what will enable you to actually take those steps and actions.

It also will facilitate your growth by allowing you to learn new lessons and new truths from those challenges and tough times. So, when the good times do come around again, and they will as inevitably as the bad times will, because everything is temporary, the good times will be that much more good. Your successes and your wins will reach an even higher level than before because of and thanks to those lessons and that growth. And eventually, you’ll start seeing the bad times and the challenges and the obstacles you face as amazing opportunities and blessings that are there temporarily so that you can continue to become even better, all the time.

Everything is temporary. Life is cyclical and ever-evolving, and so are you. Know this, understand this, and remember this so that you are ever-growing, ever-learning, ever-striving, and always becoming your best and greatest you. Know this, understand this, and remember this so that you can live every moment of your life by design to the fullest – with meaning, purpose, passion, and fulfillment. Know this, understand this, and remember this so that you can do more of what you love, be more of who you love, realize all of your dreams, and always continue to Seize Your Passion!


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