Don’t Forget The Point!

I’ve always been an achiever. I’ve always been driven. I’ve always had goals and dreams and made sure to actively go out and get what I want. Hard work never sacred me. Discipline and focus have always been on my side. Passion and purpose were always at my core.

But, I realized recently that I often too easily forget the point. I get so focused- obsessed even- with my end goal, that I actually forget why I wanted to achieve that goal in the first place. I get so rigid and strict and fueled by my drive to succeed and achieve that end goal, that my entire world gets consumed by it to a point where the actual process of attaining the goal is completely contradictory to the goal itself. All the reasons why I was striving to achieve something in the first place – growth, fulfillment, freedom, living a full life with passion and purpose, and – having fun along the way- actually get swallowed up and lost by all the go-getting and achieving.

So, when I get to a place where I stop having fun, where the process of going after something is no longer in sync with the essence and whole point of that thing itself because I allow myself to get so overwhelmed and stressed about reaching the finish line, I have to remind myself to remember the point. I can’t allow myself to get so consumed and obsessed about seizing my passion and achieving my goals that I lose the very passion inside of me that I’m striving to seize. Because then, what’s the point?

That’s my lesson and reminder to myself this week. Don’t forget the point. Don’t stop having fun. Don’t sacrifice your passion for the sake of seizing your passion. Lighten up, Rachel. That’s what I have to remind myself.

This quote from Seth Godin says it nicely: “In our culture, the getting is ever more important than the having. There’s nothing wrong with getting, of course, as long as the process is in sync with the life you want to lead.”


Rachel Ellner Lebensohn, Proud Creator & Founder of

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