BLOG: Creating Value out of Everything!

I deeply believe that there is value and meaning in EVERYTHING, including (and maybe even especially) the tough times in life – IF we choose to create it!

It is arguably easy, or at least easier, to create value and meaning out of moments of joy, inspiration, positivity, and bliss. What is not so easy, and certainly not intuitive, is to find and create out of it – the meaning and value that lies beneath the surface of the emotional pain and suffering we feel during the challenging times, the tough times, and the obstacles we inevitably face.

To create something out of nothing, and to derive value and meaning out of everything, is in my opinion one of the best expressions of our highest selves and one of the key ingredients to our own personal growth in becoming the best versions of ourselves and realizing all of our dreams!

That’s not to say that when we face those challenges and go through those tough times we should not allow ourselves to feel the pain, the anguish, the loneliness, the insecurity, the discouragement, and all of the emotional suffering that comes with those difficult times. But, if we can learn to use those experiences and those feelings to create something meaningful and valuable; if we can learn to focus on seeking and creating the value and the meaning within and out of those feelings and experiences, then we are tapping into and living out of our higher purpose, our passion, and our best self.

They say that that greater the obstacle or the challenge, the greater the reward. That is no less true when it comes to overcoming and pushing through  the tough times in life. It’s no less true when it comes to facing and conquering our fears, or getting past and continuing to move forward, through the setbacks and the dark moments we all face – both personally and professionally. But, it is only true if we choose to recognize and realize that truth. It is only true if we choose to seek and create the value and the meaning out of those dark moments and thereby turn them into the most powerful, rewarding, and bright lights to shine from within us!

How and what kind of value and meaning you create is up to you. It is as individual as you are. Only you can create that value and meaning, and only you can go through the process of figuring out how, why and for whom you want to create it.  Like everything else in life, it is up to you and within you. Only you can become the best you.

The last year has been a tumultuous one for me. There have been some blissful moments of inspiration, happiness, fulfillment, confidence, creativity, passion, purpose, and pure joy. There have also been a fair share of darker moments of despair, fear, loneliness, discouragement, overwhelm, stress, and anxiety. There will be plenty more of both in my life, I am sure. My intention, commitment, and priority is to continually seek and create value and meaning out of all those moments. I hope this post sparks something in you to do the same in yours.



Rachel Ellner Lebensohn, Proud Creator & Founder of Seyopa

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Larry Tyler
Larry Tyler
6 years ago

I love what you write. It is refreshing.