Crash and Learn! The Power of Positive Connection

The most important things in life are the connections you make with others.”
– Tom Ford 

“Deep human connection is…the purpose and the result of a meaningful life….” 
– Melinda Gates

“The business of business is relationships; the business of life is human connection.” 
– Robin S. Sharma

There’s true power in connection! Whether it’s connecting with another person, connecting with ourselves, connecting with an idea or ideal, or simply connecting with something that brings us alive or that we love.

Our entire psychology, physiology, and biology all positively change due to the power of positive connection, which in turn sends even more and greater positive ripple effects all around us and throughout our life.

Why? Well, because everything and everyone is connected! That’s a law of the universe.   

Connection is crucial to our souls, to our physical bodies, and yes, to our success too. Connection is crucial to our happiness, to our self-love and self-worth, to all of our relationships and transactions, both business and personal, and it’s crucial for realizing our dreams and becoming our best selves.

Connection is simply a crucial component of life, and how we live it, in every aspect. 

When we understand that, then it’s on us to consciously, actively, and intentionally seek out and create as much positive connection in every context that we can; and to consciously, actively, and intentionally re-connect with whatever, whomever, and whenever we sense some disconnect.

Sometimes, that disconnect can be with our work. Sometimes it can be with our loved ones. And sometimes, it can even be with our own selves. When that happens, everything and everyone else follows suit. Because, well, everything is connected!

“Our professional dreams, goals, failures, and successes are always integrated…with our personal ones. Why? Because everything and everyone is interconnected. Our experiences, our perspectives and all the wisdom that comes as a result are all intertwined and related. What applies to one box is almost always applicable to another, regardless of how radically separate we may label those boxes.”

“…We live integrated, interconnected lives despite how rigidly we may seek to separate and compartmentalize the pieces of our life puzzle. It’s one puzzle, always. In order to live our best and fullest life, all the pieces need connection and alignment with each other.”

That’s a piece from my chapter in this just-released bestselling book I co-authored!!!! If any of this resonates with you at all, please check it out!  

Let’s remember the extraordinary power of positive connections! Let’s connect and re-connect more. With ourselves, with each other, and with all that we love!

Do more of what you love.
Be more of who you love.
Seize Your Passion!

That’s how we realize our dreams and become our greatest and best selves!!!! 

If you want to connect with me more, and hear more from me on how everyone and everything is connected, as well as some other profound and inspiring universal truths, then I invite you to read my chapter in Crash and Learn. :-))).  

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