BLOG: Connectivity That Matters!

Look, in today’s world, you’re more connected in many ways than ever before to realizing your dreams and goals. That’s a fact.

You’re connected technologically and digitally. You’re connected to important extrinsic values and resources like data, productivity, and efficiency. And you’re connected to a culture of high achievement, high performance, influence, status, and financial wealth.

And that’s great. It is. It opens up so many doors of opportunity and possibilities and progress.

But, consider this.

With all that enhanced connectivity on those levels, isn’t it possible that you’ve forgotten about, and are actually losing more and more of, connectivity and connection on other levels? Levels that really, really matter in the long run?

Levels of connection that matter just as much (probably more) as the other types of connectivity you have, to not only attain your dreams and goals in the world, but also to attain the fulfillment, meaning, and happiness in your life that actually lies behind why you want to achieve those dreams and goals in the first place?!

I’m talking about the intimate, real-deal, deep, heart-based true, and often much slower-paced human connectivity and connection to basically three things:

  1. People you love
  2. Doing stuff you love
  3. You that you love (your true, core self; not the roles you play or the masks you wear)

And, it’s not just you. We ALL need to remember to spend and give more conscious effort, attention, and time to enhance, and stop the recession of, those critical connections!

And I’m not saying abandon your goals and dreams of success. I’m not saying abandon your connectivity to the amazing world we live in and all that it offers either.

What I am saying, to you, to myself, and to all of us, is this:

Don’t abandon yourself in the process. Remember to connect – really connect – with the people and the activities and the places and the time spent, that connect you back to yourself.

Remember to do more of what you love simply and solely because you love it!

Remember to pursue as many of the intrinsic values and goals that make you smile, that make your heart feel proud, and that fill you up as you do the extrinsic ones!

Remember to get to know and understand and learn about yourself as deeply, as honestly, and as compassionately as possible!

And remember to share more meaningful moments as well as more carefree and playful ones with the people in your life. Especially those you love!

As always, do more of what you love and be more of who you love!


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Mary Ann
6 years ago

Outstanding – we are blessed to know and call you family – your a light that makes Gods love real.