BLOG: Celebrate ALL Your Wins! The small steps and failures too.

Celebrate ALL of your wins. Not just the big winner winner chicken dinner wins, but all the steps along the way to get there – the first step, each step thereafter, and even the mistakes and failures.

Remember to celebrate the “small” wins. And, remember to celebrate the big mistakes, challenges, and failures as wins too – because that’s what they are. We learn and grow the most from our mistakes and our failures, more than we do from our successes along the way. If you’re not making mistakes, then you’re not learning and growing, and therefore you’re not making progress.

So celebrate the fact that you are moving forward towards your end vision and grandest dreams. Celebrate the fact that you are making progress. Celebrate the fact that you are getting better every single day. That feeling of progress gives you hope and confidence to continue to take more steps and continue to realize all of your dreams and become your best self. And that is inspiring and empowering. And it’s definitely worth celebrating!

Remember to remember that it’s about progress and getting better every day on your way to that ultimate big winner winner chicken dinner win. And by all means, when you get to that chicken dinner win – celebrate that too!

Do more of what you love and be more of who you love!


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