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What the World Needs Now Is This Student-Made Video

The following is one of the most inspiring and beautiful examples of the power of positive connection, of love, of the human spirit, of creativity, and of everything that Seyopa stands for! Watch this video! Boston Conservatory at Berklee student Shelbie Rassler convened a virtual orchestra of 74 of her peers to create connection in a time of social distancing.
Passion Overcomes Fear Every Time!

Passion Overcomes Fear Every Time!

Connecting with, operating out of, and making decisions from elevated states like love, passion, compassion, empowerment, and truth is ALWAYS the answer, the solution, and the path to overcoming fear, challenging times, and hardship.

Practicing Happiness | Laura Heywood | TEDx Broadway

Sometimes, the notion of realizing our potential can be debilitating instead of inspiring. Sometimes, it can make us feel not good enough instead of empowering us to remember how truly amazing and capable we really are. Laura's personal story about her struggle with depression and how she learned to cultivate the power of practice, one day at a time, is a tremendous and meaningful reminder for us all to take action on our dreams, one step at a time, and to focus on progress rather than perfection.

Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance | Angela Lee Duckworth...

The number one determining factor of success is grit. Grit is the intersection of passion and perseverance for long term goals. Grit is living life like it's a marathon, not a sprint.

Marie Forleo on How to Get Anything We Want | By...

“It’s the single most powerful idea that’s driven my life,” Marie Forleo says of the words Everything is Figureoutable, a phrase she learned as a child from her mom that also happens to be the title of her new book.

VIDEO: Seize Your Passion on the Love and Light Show In this episode of the Love & Light Show Laura McPhee, Joyful Goddess – Speaker, Healer, Coach, talks with Rachel who is the Creator...
Video: 10 People That Turned Hardships Into Blessings | By Jay Shetty

Video: 10 People That Turned Hardships Into Blessings | By Jay...

Jay Shetty brings us ten inspiring stories about how our biggest failures, rejections, and lowest points can truly be our biggest blessings.

Video: Shine Your Light!

WATCH: Shine Your Light, Baby!! Lisa Nichols shines, inspires, and entertains!!!

VIDEO: Jennifer Lopez on Mistakes, Purpose, and Believing in Yourself

Jennifer Lopez gets real, raw, and emotional as she talks about how she relates to her character in the film Second Act, how sometimes our mistakes lead us to our purpose, and most importantly - the power of believing in yourself. #SeizeYourPassion!

VIDEO: Ask Yourself What Makes You Come Alive | Oprah

Short clip from Oprah's 2013 Harvard Commencement Speech. To find true success and happiness, ask yourself what makes you come alive and go do that.

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