Sunday, February 24, 2019


Realizing your dreams, achieving your goals, and becoming your best self always starts with YOU! In this category of Self, you’ll find stories, insights, and messages related to self-discovery, self-awareness, self-knowledge, self-understanding, self-growth, and self-love. You’ll find topics related to your passions, your values, your strengths, personal accountability, being authentic, intuition, listening to your heart, feeding your soul, and basically everything that has to do with tapping into YOUR UNIQUE and EXTRAORDINARY SELF!

Happy child with painted hands, photo by Praveen Kumar.

Reconnecting with your childhood passions

In last week's live Periscope on Seyopa with Bobby Umar, Bobby talked about bringing the concept of childhood play back into our daily lives,...

10 tips to make time for what you love

One of our biggest challenges as adults is that we're busy. Job, family, and community activities stretch us to the limits of our abilities...

What wakes you up in the morning and gets you excited?

Hi, my name is Rachel Ellner Lebensohn and I believe in doing what you love. I’m passionate about helping people achieve this in their...

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