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You must take action to achieve results, to move forward, and to progress. The best kind of action is inspired action! In this category of Action, you’ll find everything related to the steps you can take and the things you can do to help you grow; you’ll find content related to goals and goal-setting, habits, rituals, practices, strategies, skills, productivity, engagement, creativity, consistency, experimentation, getting out of your comfort zone, downtime, play, and just taking that first step. Start doing!

This is The Secret to Living a Life Without Regret |...

Four Words Can Be the Difference Between a Life Well Lived and a Life Filled With Regret Photo by Zac Durant on Unsplash Source: Medium, Mind...

Practicing Happiness | Laura Heywood | TEDx Broadway

Sometimes, the notion of realizing our potential can be debilitating instead of inspiring. Sometimes, it can make us feel not good enough instead of empowering us to remember how truly amazing and capable we really are. Laura's personal story about her struggle with depression and how she learned to cultivate the power of practice, one day at a time, is a tremendous and meaningful reminder for us all to take action on our dreams, one step at a time, and to focus on progress rather than perfection.

How to Turn Your Dreams Into Reality (Even Though Most People...

We all desperately want a better life or a dream scenario. There’s no lack of want in the world. And our thoughts are pointed in the right direction. Most of us just fail to take our wanting all the way.

What I Tell Myself When I’m Feeling Down or Depressed

Today, if you wake up feeling just as you had yesterday, feeling disheartened, feeling down because you haven’t yet achieved the kind of success you want and are ready to give up on your dreams, WAKE UP.

Marie Forleo on How to Get Anything We Want | By...

“It’s the single most powerful idea that’s driven my life,” Marie Forleo says of the words Everything is Figureoutable, a phrase she learned as a child from her mom that also happens to be the title of her new book.

Article: The Problem With Habits (and Why Most of Them Fail)

Perhaps a better way to think about all of this would be to shift from focusing on habits of behavior to habits of mind....A habit of behavior might sustain you for a week or a month or even a year, but a good habit of mind will sustain you for the rest of your life.

Article: Finding Success By Doing What You Love?

Maybe the lesson is in fact to do what you love. But do it... for no other reason than that you love doing it.

Self empowerment techniques that help you be your best

Self empowerment is about taking control of your life. This involves developing the self-trust and self-awareness you need to set the right goals, make sound decisions, and understand your strengths and weaknesses – so you can thrive.

VIDEO: Seize Your Passion on the Love and Light Show In this episode of the Love & Light Show Laura McPhee, Joyful Goddess – Speaker, Healer, Coach, talks with Rachel who is the Creator...

Your BEST Moments!

You know those moments in life when you have this huge epiphany, or realization, or understanding of something in a new way - and it just FUELS YOU with energy and passion and excitement and determination?!

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