Buiding A Network: Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

According to Bobby Umar’s March 3rd, 2016 live Periscope chat,”Use Your Network To Seize Your Passion,” building the right network can help leverage ways to seize your passion! Networking is a huge part of Bobby’s world both personally and of course professionally too!

Bobby reminded me to build a passion tribe of people around the things I’m passionate about! Aligning with like-minded individuals whom you can talk and engage with about shared passions will surely help the tribe grow!

Bobby also suggested finding three to five people who you can count on for love and support. These are the kinds of people who would go to bat for you. He referred to them as your “BUZZ AGENTS!” When you have Buzz Agents in your corner it makes it easier to ask for help. Don’t be afraid to rely on your support system to spread the love around and share your ideas with others. Ask and you shall receive! Buzz Agents love you and will have have your back! Remember, buzz agents are key components in your passion tribe and as your tribe grows so will your ability to seize your passion!

Not only is it important to share your content with others in the hopes it will increase your network to ultimately seize your passion but it’s also important to invest in other people as well. When you meet someone new, remember to be inquisitive about what it is they might be passionate about. Learning from others is a great way to connect authentically. Never forget networking is about giving not just about receiving!

Another one of Bobby’s useful tips was about focusing on connecting values.  It’s essential to circle back and notice how those values relate to your passion. Remember, our values are at the root of our passion! They are strongly intertwined together.

Keeping our values aligned will no doubt be a huge asset in seizing our passions!

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Blog post by Rachel Silver Cohen of Silver Unpolished

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Robin Saks Frankel
Robin Saks Frankel
8 years ago

Always enjoy reading what you have to say Rachel

Rachel Ellner
8 years ago

“Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe!” I love it. So true. Well said. Thanks Rachel Silver-Cohen / Silver Unpolished for this!