Friday, March 22, 2019
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BLOG: The Stuff In Between The Lines

"Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans." - John Lennon We're all so busy. Even now during the summer when a lot of us are taking some well overdue and deserved vacations, we're still busy. Busy with commitments, with responsibilities, with...


THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!!!!! I believe that's as true for you as it is for me, because I believe it's true for all of us!!! And I believe it's as true today as it will be tomorrow. And every day after that. And always! Regardless of what...


Passion is Love. And when you live out of your passion, when you seize your passion, when you are passionate about your life, and in love with life, you become limitlessly more creative, more inspired, more intuitive, more grateful, more giving, more resilient, more adaptable, more flexible, more able to hear and listen to your inner wisdom, more willing to learn and grow, and more empowered to realize the full potential that is you and your best life!

BLOG: Connectivity That Matters!

Look, in today's world, you're more connected in many ways than ever before to realizing your dreams and goals. That's a fact. You're connected technologically and digitally. You're connected to important extrinsic values and resources like data, productivity, and efficiency. And you're connected to a...

BLOG: Know Thyself!

In order to realize your dreams, you must first believe in your dreams. And in order to believe in your dreams, you must first believe in yourself. So, how do you truly believe in yourself in order to truly believe in your dreams in order to truly realize your dreams?

BLOG [Video]: Passion Clarity

The biggest secret to truly realizing your dreams and becoming your best self is that it's not about getting the answers. It's about gaining understanding. Deeper and deeper understanding of ourselves, of others, and of the world and life around us.


SCROLL DOWN TO WATCH VIDEO There's this inner dialogue between two of you. It goes on inside you all the time. Most of the time, you're not even aware it's happening.... There's two yous. One of you is your conscious-thinking-rational-mind you. Let's call him Tom. The other...

BLOG: When Shift Happens!

There are these magical moments in life when you discover or become aware of a particular truth, realization, or an epiphany that just totally transforms your perception and consequently your reality. They are life changing moments that can literally change your life, seemingly like...

BLOG: Wake The F**K UP!

I struggled writing this. I struggled more than usual because I feel, and I fear, that no amount of eloquence could possibly convey the depth, breadth, and import of the message I wish to express. But, in the spirit of what Seyopa and Seizing Your Passion...

BLOG: Celebrate ALL Your Wins! The small steps and failures too.

Celebrate ALL of your wins. Not just the big winner winner chicken dinner wins, but all the steps along the way to get there - the first step, each step thereafter, and even the mistakes and failures.

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