BLOG: Remember When You Wanted to Conquer The World?!

You Have The Power To Achieve Your Dreams!

Remember when you wanted to conquer the world?

When you believed so wholeheartedly and with such…almost-arrogant certainty that you could? That it wasn’t even a question of if, but only when?!

Whatever “conquering the world” meant or means to you, it doesn’t matter. You knew you would achieve your dreams.

Because you believed you could.

And at the end of the day, after all is said and done, that’s really what it comes down to.

Here’s the thing though…. Even though it’s 2019!!!! And, even though most of us live in a land of opportunity!!! And even though we’re soooo fortunate in soooo many ways, and so much more enlightened than ever before in lots of other ways –

We also live in a time, a culture, and a society that in many ways denies us our undeniable, inalienable, and inherent right to our dreams!

Without our even realizing it, we are shaped to believe that our dreams don’t matter; and in essence, to believe that we don’t matter.

It’s not like we’re aware of this shaping. We’re not. And it’s not like it happens in one moment or even in one day. It doesn’t. And for 90% of us, it’s not like someone ever came up to us and said flat-out, directly, in those blunt terms: “Your dreams don’t matter. You don’t matter.” For most of us, they didn’t.  

If any of that were the case, it would’ve been much easier to defend and fight against.

But, that denial of our birthright to our dreams (and it is our birthright!!!); that denial and that shaping of us to not believe in our dreams, to believe instead that our dreams don’t matter and in essence that we don’t matter – it’s way smarter, way more seductive, insidious, and manipulative than that. 

And often, even the messengers themselves of that lie are the ones that love us, that mean us well, and that truly want the best for us. They too are just as unaware as we are….

And it’s fed to us little by little, over time, neatly and beautifully wrapped in practical, rational, responsible, sane, smart, and such justifiable gift boxes. How could we possibly resist??? 

Until one day we wake up, and that feeling of certainty, passion, and determination is stifled and smothered and suffocated by all of it.

And then we, in turn, justify it by labeling it as our own fears, or simply as us being realistic, humble, selfless, or whatever other so-called “mature”, “virtuous”, and “self-aware” disguised flavor of very-adult-like-ice-cream you prefer. 

I’m convinced that’s what Henry David Thoreau meant when he said, The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”

Only once we become aware, and allow ourselves to see which of those packaged boxes convinced us to slowly but surely let go of our dreams, forget them, disregard them, minimize them, and ultimately just let them die; and by doing so, let our belief in ourselves die along with them – only then can we begin to resist that, and start fighting for ourselves again! And for our dreams! 

Maybe start by asking yourself genuinely, sincerely, thoughtfully, vulnerably, and truthfully – “What are your dreams?” Just that question alone has the power to reignite your belief, your passion, and the real YOU!! And to literally change the trajectory of your life, if you allow it to.

AND – here’s the really inspiring, awesome, and positive part :-))))

When we do that, when we tap back into that time, and back into that part of ourselves, when we knew we were going to conquer the world, and we were filled with passion, and nothing and no one was going to stop us; when we remember our dreams, when we validate them, and allow ourselves to get re-acquainted with them, and start spending some quality time with them – 

Then we start to love them again. And from there, we start to get impassioned again. And from there, we start to believe in our dreams again. Until finally, when we believe in our dreams, we believe in ourselves. And when we believe in ourselves, we believe in our dreams!!!

And that’s the moment our dreams actually become achievable!

And when you start to work on your dreams and take action on achieving them, in whatever small way, and at whatever pace you do, as long as it’s consistent, that’s the moment you define yourself for yourself!! And no longer let others do it for you.

And that is EVERYTHING!!!!!!!  

You have the power to achieve your dreams!!! That power comes from what you believe about yourself and what your expectations are for yourself!

You have what it takes to achieve your own dreams in your own life!! It starts with believing in yourself again. Believing in your dreams again. And remembering when….

As always, do more of what you love and be more of who you love!


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5 years ago
Reply to  Rachel Ellner

Totally awesome idea:) About our dreams: it’s so hard to reconnect to the dreams we once had and most people I speak to including myself feel that the dreams they had when they were young, and then put on hold to get married, build a career, have children… those dreams are gone. Most people come back to themselves in their mid 40’s-50’s and feel so disconnected from themselves and lost which makes one feel so desperate to catch-up. But HOW do you find that string, that dream you once had? For me, I feel the core of the dream, the… Read more »

5 years ago
Reply to  Rachel Ellner

Thank you for this Rachel. It came when I needed it…as usual. Best wishes. Andrew.