Article: Why Discomfort Is The Key to Success In Life and Business

“Named must your fear be, before banish it you can.” — Yoda

When jumping off a cliff

You fall, to only realize that

You had wings the whole time.

Creation of anything starts with a soft utterance. Not a shout or a yelp. But an utterance. A faint whisper in the distance that is calling you to your true self. If we do not pay close attention to this voice, it will grow quieter with each day.

You must awaken. You must become aware of this whisper in the distance. For it is showing you the way. The way to who you must become to feel fully alive.

Jump off the cliff towards your life. Listen. Feel. Hear.

What is this whisper saying to you?

Be careful, though. The siren calls of doubt and fear will be there as well. And they will sound eerily similar to your inner voice. They will try to tell you that you are irrational. Be practical they will say. Following your dreams is childish.

You must be steadfast. Do not believe them. They have no weight.

Discern the voice that is the truth. At first, this will be hard, but with practice, you will get the hang of it. It is very simple. Not easy, but simple.

To reach your destination, you must be willing to jump without the security of knowing whether you will make it or not. Comfort may have brought you this far, but you will not need it anymore.

Shed the shoulds (I should do this or I should be this way). Shed the desires of others. Shed the need for external validation that this voice is real.

Attend to yourself. It can be hard to hear with the thundering winds of doubt and worry. The truth is usually hiding in plain sight, but that does not mean it will be easy.

That is the funny thing about dreams; they are typically dressed up and look a whole lot like work. To obtain them, you must be willing to deal with discomfort. Not only physically, but more importantly psychologically.

To leave the relationship. To quit the secure job. To have that tough conversation. You must have a purpose. A reason for the discomfort or else you will turn back when the going gets tough. But, if you are brave enough to see this fact and still move forward, you will realize that magic is what lies on the other side.

Fear, in this instant, is a beacon towards your true self. Your fear wants to protect you. Thank it. But tell it, “Thanks for the help, but I got this one.”

It is in the spaces of discomfort that your life is formed. In the silence of the everyday.

It takes practice to hear that whisper. It takes commitment to see the truth. It takes belief to step off that cliff.

But when you do, you will realize you had wings all along.

Transform Fear Into Excitement

Fear gets its power from our not looking, at either the fear or what we’re afraid of. However, once we shine the light into the darkness, it ceases to exist. It seems whatever you fear — be it love or truth or death — we all have this choice, again and again: to either dance with faith or fear.

The one you choose will dictate the life you lead. Dance on.

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Source: Personal Growth – Medium

Author: Benjamin Foley


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