Article: Why Confronting Your Fear Creates Your Best Work

The closer you get to making something that matters — the closer you get to pulling the trigger on something that you really care about and believe in — the more you’ll face the self-sabotage of your fear. Call it resistance. Call it your lizard brain. Call it anything you want. What’s important is that you face it. You stay with it. You work through it. You move in spite of it….Embrace your fear. It’s always present in the places that matter….Cold showers don’t get any easier. Wolverine’s claws always hurt. The swimmer is always shocked when she jumps in the water. The writer is always intimidated by the bank page. Every time you do work that matters, fear will be there trying to stop you. Don’t let fear win. Do work that matters. Read Article

Source: The Meaning Movement

Author: Dan Cumberland

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